If you follow me on social media, it won’t have escaped you that I was once a fairly average endurance runner, who then took up weightlifting. This year, with the help of my coach, I have really gone on to a place where I have made what I consider to be major gains, both with the size and shape of my body and with the number of kilograms I am capable of lifting. 

One of the major challenges I find that I have with the greater demands I place upon my body, is that of recovery and maximising the gains made in the gym. Now that I am in my late 40s, recovery is not as fast as it once was, that’s for sure. I do my best to eat healthily, I supplement well and diligently, I work on my sleep being deep and regular, and plenty more besides. Importantly though, I also dedicate time to my own psychological well-being and use my mindset and self-hypnosis understanding to aid my recovery and maximise the gains I make, which I have found to make a major difference. 

In this video I talk through the self-hypnosis process that I use and that I share with many of my clients to advance the gains made in the gym and enhance recovery. Enjoy…


Here are the links to the resources mentioned in the video:

My self-hypnosis roadmap that you can download here

And my 20 minute self-hypnosis crash Course here.

This video about the hypnotic mindset here. 

You may also like to look in more detail at this process about using self hypnosis to oxygenate the blood

Let me know of your progress. 


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