I have had one of those periods of time where from the outside looking in, my business may appear quiet, yet beneath that external facade, so much has been going on….. I finished running the second half of our advanced hypnotherapy diploma, which has been 10 very intensive days of very high level education of hypnotherapy to a group that have been challenged greatly and all of whom rose up and met that challenge brilliantly, it was a joy to work with them all.

At the beginning of this second tuition block, I offered up an underpinning rationale and impassioned reminder about the need for advanced level hypnotherapy training, we recorded it and I wanted to share that with you here today – in particular look out for where I talk about so many hypnotherapists equipped with 150 hours (or less in many cases) of tuition, who believe they are entitled to a career in this hypnotherapy field and sadly come a cropper:

The truth is that many hypnotherapists simply engage in a single model of hypnotherapy and are unaware of the real scope of the field, are unaware of the full evidence base and are unable to objectively reflect upon or thinking critically about their original education within this field.

This video was based upon three articles that I wrote in the past year, if you are in the hypnotherapy field, I think you’ll find these very interesting reads:

1. Hypnotherapy Training: I’m Frothing at the Mouth About Why Hypnotherapists Need More Advanced Training.
2. Why It Is Dangerous To Tread Water As A Hypnotherapist.
3. Are You Really A Master Hypnotherapist? Master NLP Practitioner? Have You Actually Mastered This Subject?

Our advanced hypnotherapy training course is now available as an online training course, you can read more about it here at my college website: Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Online Course.
Additionally, you can get the dates for our next live classroom-based advanced hypnotherapy diploma here: Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course.

Upon reflection, this has been a mammoth year for me with regards to the training and teaching we have offered here. As well as two 9 day block of tuition on our intensive hypnotherapy training course, I have run our monthly course for ten weekends of this year, two five day intensive teaching blocks of our advanced hypnotherapy diploma, five intensive days of our hypnotic coaching course, our cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy certification course, as well as our one day rapid inductions and science of self-hypnosis seminars…. I put a lot of energy into the trainings and they can wipe me out. However, it is not just the physical delivery of those courses; the courses need to be researched for, written, slides created for class, manuals compiled, additional resources put together, they then need to be marketed, have the admin conducted for our delegates and then deal with homework queries and ensure our students are supported adequately before and after them becoming qualified and accredited. Add to that the fact that I have also run our hypnotherapist business development academy and our book writing online webinar series, organised a number of peer support groups and group supervision events, spoken at conferences, then my role as a teacher, trainer and educator in this field has been a very busy one this year.

After each period of teaching, when I arrive back in the office, I need to catch up with the emails, queries and admin of our business, and then try my very best to somehow be productive with the day-to-day elements of running my business…. Blogging, recording podcasts, and being productive in other ways. It is a challenge, at times, but as we near the time of reflection for the year, I know that we have been incredibly productive this year and have a lot to show for our efforts as we move into what is going to be a very different year for us…..

I will be in the classroom less next year so that my visibility online increases to the levels many have been used to over the years….. I plan on having more time with my family, more time for my research, more time training for my planned marathons and ultramarathons in 2017, as well as a number of new audio programmes and products that we plan to release next year. I’ll be speaking at numerous conferences around the globe next year though, and so I hope to cross paths with as many of you as possible.

So those of you that have been asking when the podcast will be back, asking me why my blog has not been as active, where this week’s evidence based hypnosis meme is, why we’ve not had a new caption contest for a few weeks, why our social media output is not as full as usual and so on, I am hoping this goes some way to explaining, and as I get things straightened up here…. Most of these things will be back to usual service as of today….

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Likewise, if you’d like to learn more about self-hypnosis, understand the evidence based principles of it from a scientific perspective and learn how to apply it to many areas of your life while having fun and in a safe environment and have the opportunity to test everything you learn, then come and join me for my one day seminar which does all that and more, have a read here: The Science of Self-Hypnosis Seminar.