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Powerful, Profound, Deep Transformational Coaching

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou

This is a favourite quote of mine and one which guides me at times. I encounter lots of people who love this quote and for whom it makes a lot of sense, but do not feel it. That is, they do not feel as if they are truly excelling, or they have perhaps reached a plateau in life and are ready to move on to the next level in their own personal financial evolution. I coach people looking to do just that.

According to Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google “Everyone needs a coach.”

I have a coach. If you want to achieve in sports, you have a coach. When you want to sing well, you have a coach. When you want to act well, you have a coach. When you want to achieve more, you have a coach. If you are looking to attain financial freedom or greater abundance, it makes sense to have a coach.

Coaching is now recognised more and more as an essential element in anyone’s personal and professional development and more companies than ever have their leaders and executives coached. The vast majority of people I know who truly thrive in life have a coach. I am not one to dispute what one of the world’s most innovative and wealthy men has to say, but you do not need a coach. Nobody actually really needs a coach. Lots of people get by without them. However, if you are looking to take your life to the next level, even if you feel that you are already successful, then you would be very wise to have one.

We need oxygen to breathe, we need water to drink, we need food to eat, we need shelter and warmth to survive. You are likely to be here reading this because you wish to do more than survive, just as my earlier quote suggests. You wish to expand, you wish to be exponential, you wish to feel the full force of life, you wish to be the fullest possible expression of yourself and attain more of that which you know you are capable of. You no longer want the impossible dream to be impossible.

Impossible Dreams Become Reality With a Coach.

My clients have included champion and record holding sports people, well-known authors, actors, high-achievers, serial entrepreneurs as well as those just starting out or part way on their journeys, aiming to become more. Regardless of who they are, one of the things they get from me is the truth that very often no-one else in life realises or is prepared to tell them. I am not here to please them necessarily (though results and achievements are pleasing). I am here to help them develop, have more success and get better results in life. That might include taking the first steps to self-employment, or taking a business to the next level. It might mean performing at a higher standard, achieving more. It might mean leading a more inspired life, a more fulfilling life, a more creative life, a wealthier life (in whatever way you interpret to be wealthier).

I coach those who are already achieving and those who want to start achieving more.

In order to engage with me for deep transformational coaching, a couple of conditions need to apply:

  • You commit to the process and to that which you wish to achieve.
  • You have a willingness and openness to change, update, transform.
  • We have a long, deep conversation before we decide whether we will work together or not.

We then talk about possibilities. We’ll discuss what you really want and if we are going to be a good fit for each other. We explore your dreams. We’ll discuss what would serve you best and then I can talk you through some options for going forward together if we decide to do so. I work with people face-to-face at my beach hut drinking stove brewed coffee, or in my consulting rooms reclining warmly in comfortable chairs, or we speak by phone or on Skype in the comfort of our own environments, whatever suits us best. We have deep, powerful conversations that transform and light up, we problem solve, we create life landscapes, we share laughter, we connect deeply and we learn what it means to be truly alive. Most of all, you excel.

Relentless Forward Progress!
“Relentless Forward Progress” is the title of one of my favourite ultra marathon running books. That title is also a mantra that I use when training and competing in the many marathons and ultra marathons I run. The mindset that I use in my marathon and ultra marathon running is one that extends beautifully to my coaching work:

  • Being able to retain happiness, positivity and optimism in the face of adversity.
  • Being able to achieve a personal best regardless of age or previous performance.
  • Being able to transcend suffering and pain, finding joy, satisfaction and well-being.
  • Finding the best in oneself.
  • Taking action, preparing methodically, productively, diligently and with goal focus.
  • Having unyielding, bold enthusiasm.
  • Considering problems as amazing opportunities to learn and as enjoyable challenges.
  • Creating success, knowing success, assuming success.
  • Being fearless.


There is much more besides.

You may have had your attention piqued at that final point mentioned there: Being fearless. I encourage the idea of not having to put up with fear, not having to fight against it, not having to put up with it, not needing to be brave, not needing to be courageous. But learning how to love. How to love the process of ascending the levels in your life. How to truly love the experience of being alive – the more we love the less we fear. The more I love running a trail ultra marathon, the less I fear it.

You may have fears about being coached, about your ability to be coached successfully, about whether it is something that you can make work for you. You may have fears about your own capability to achieve BIG dreams, fears about failure, fears about how things have gone for you in the past. When you engage in beautiful action following our time together, any fears just don’t register anymore. You’ll learn to love every step of the process;

“With you Adam, I feel safe dreaming big” Shameen Tye, Investment Banker, Indonesia.

My approach to coaching is founded on evidence-based principles, and as we take unrelenting forward action, and we do so in a way that creates measurable productivity. I coach very few people at any one time and I choose to be as selective about my coaching clients as you rightly ought to be about your coach. When I am your coach, you become one of the most important people in my life for whom I invest a huge amount of time, energy, care and resource. Coaching is not therapy. My coaching work is very different to my therapy sessions. Overcoming therapeutic issues often occurs when coaching, but that is not our main aim. We are seeking to elevate and shift to higher levels of life.

Typically, I work with with clients who are looking for higher levels of achievement, financial freedom and independence, or to advance their life to the next level, whatever that may mean to you. You might be setting up your business, you might be advancing your business, you may be returning to work after some time away from it, you may be looking to advance your career, receive a promotion but ultimately you wish to advance. You may be looking to advance in a sport, a hobby, or within your ability to perform in some other way, or you may have other ambitions or goals that you believe you’d do it better and quicker with a coach.

If you’d like to consider me as your coach, then I’d like to consider you as my client. The very first thing to do is to get in touch with me today, and let’s arrange a time to talk or get together soon, and let’s understand each other and explore possibilities together first of all.

The first thing you should do….

Enjoy A FREE “Life Advancement Mindset” coaching session with me.

If you’ve been working to develop and advance financially for a while now and things aren’t happening as fast or as effectively as you want, then I‘d like to help you create a major breakthrough. I’d like to invite you to dive in deep with me.

Yes indeed, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a special, “Life Advancement Mindset” coaching session where we’ll work together to do the following:

– Create a crystal clear vision for your “ultimate life” and the goals and achievements you’d like your advancement to provide.

– Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your psychological advancement and may be holding you back or limiting you.

– Leave that session with me feeling renewed, re-energised, and inspired to advance your life to the next level of goal attainment and beyond, living the life you desire.

If you’d like to take advantage of this very special, very limited, and totally FREE 60 minute (approx) “Life Advancement Mindset” coaching session, type your name and email address into the boxes on this page and you’ll be sent an automated email with instructions on how to do that. You’ll be rewarded greatly for doing so, you have my word. I really look forward to speaking to you then.