I think we’d all agree it is a truly wonderful sensation to feel safe and secure in one’s own body and in one’s own life.

Many people in a wide variety of life benefit from the kind of process I am writing about today. What I mean is, it is not exclusively the territory of someone who is in therapy, for example. This kind of process is one that looks to build secure boundaries and enhance decision making. It lends itself wonderfully well to these things and is therefore a great way for a hypnotherapist to start sessions with a client, for example.

However, it can be adapted to suit a wide variety of issues and has a number of applications.

I have written before and have an individual hypnosis session available in the store here for creating a protective shield aimed at protecting you from aspects of life that might upset your state or cause discomfort, and this type of process is not a million miles away from that.

In my experience and evident in the teachings of most of the trainers I have worked with, and through my studies over the years, many clients respond better to therapeutic intervention when they feel safe, secure and in control. Lots of myths that surround the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy do tend to inhibit this if the client is not educated about the hypnotic process, then this can detrimentally effect the results you might hope to achieve with a client. Heck, today’s blog entry is not about how to develop trust and rapport et al. You can read about that aplenty elsewhere on this website as well as other places.

This kind of process helps a client to feel safe in life and within the therapeutic environment.

The sort of process that I am offering up today is adapted from D. P. Brown (1992) as cited in Essentials of Clinical Hypnosis by Steven Jay Lynn and Irving Kirsch (2006, pp69-70). It is adapted here for use with self-hypnosis though it is used by myself and many other hypnotherapists in client sessions for the most part.

Seven Steps To Use Self-Hypnosis To Benefit From The Hypnotic Bubble

Step OneInduce Hypnosis.
You can do so by any means you desire or know of. You can use the process in my Science of self-hypnosis book, use the free audio we give away on this website to practice or have a look at the following articles as and when you need them; they are basic processes to help you simply open the door of your mind:

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However, with this process, an induction is potentially too much activity, so I teach my clients how to adopt a hypnotic mindset and simply have a mindset that is positive and expectant. Again, to really understand the cognitive set of the hypnotic mindset, go grab a copy of my Science of self-hypnosis book where it is explained in simple but comprehensive terms.

Once you have induced hypnosis, or just adopted the hypnotic mindset, move on to the next step.

Step Two: Start to think about what it means to you to have a sense of being safe, secure, and in control.

Now engage your imagination and imagine you are in a bubble where you feel protected and in control.

Start to notice and sense the qualities of the bubble you are creating all around you. So notice the colours; maybe favourite colours, or colours you associate with safety and security. Maybe the colours are iridescent, maybe the bubble is translucent.

Become aware of the touch of the bubble when you reach out, how it feels on your skin if you touch it, notice the sound made if you touch it and engage your imagination in whatever is the best way for you and create a bubble you are most comfortable with and that has the most appeal to you.

Step Three:  Create the fit of the bubble. Is it like a second skin and it fits closely to you, or is it like a big bubble that you can move around inside of? Is there a usual sense of gravity inside of it or do you float weightlessly? Choose whatever makes you feel the most at ease and comfortable and free. Allow it to enhance your sense of safety. Once you have created this bubble to your own design and choosing, then you can allow yourself to move on to the next step, but make sure you spend all the time necessary on this step.

Step Four: At this stage, do remember and impress upon yourself the idea that this is your bubble. You created it.  It is your safe place and you are in control of it in every way.

Now take absolute control and show yourself that you are in complete control of this bubble.

Notice that if you engage your imagination correctly, you can start to make the bubble move and be mobile. Notice as you think about it getting lighter, you can start to move upwards in the bubble. Then you can start to let yourself feel as if you are getting lighter and moving upwards. At times you might like to enjoy the altered perspective of wherever you are, from above.

Of course, the bubble can also move down and you can practice moving it back down again now.

Let it move to the left and right under your command, your thoughts and your imagination, enjoy controlling the bubble. You might even start to take control of the qualities of the bubble in more depth. You might like to change the colour, change the texture or the material it is made from. You can change the thickness of the bubble and the ability to see through clearly or not. take some time to practice making changes and movements with the bubble and when you feel totally in control of it, then move on to the next step.

Step Five:  With this enhance level of safety and control, comes the choice that you have to let people inside or not. You choose and you control if anyone comes in or not.

You make all the decisions as far as this bubble is concerned. You can use the bubble to enhance the closeness you have to people when you let them in, or you can use it protect you and keep a distance away from them.

The bubble allows you to share any feelings with others should you choose to do so while in the bubble. Or of course, you can protect and keep your feelings to yourself within the safety of the bubble. Again, you are the one that decides on that.

Ponder and think for a few moments at this stage about how wonderful it feels to be in control and how liberating it is to know that you make all the decisions for yourself. As you do so, imagine and sense your own assuredness deepen.

Step Six: While here, you can now spend some time working on relaxing and engaging in any method of progressive relaxation that you know – so that you can associate that relaxed sensation with this bubble for each time that you come back here and experience it.

Just float and bask in this protective place and enjoy the safety and control you have here. take as long as you need to just relax in this safe environment. When you have enjoyed enough of it and felt some tangible difference, then move on to the next step.

Step Six: As you continue to imagine this ever-growing sense of control, and heighten your own awareness of your own power to make decisions, you notice the distance of the boundary of the bubble around you even more explicitly.

Be aware of how flexible this is and that you can shorten or extend that boundary whenever and however you choose. Let it be your control of you own boundary.

Start to imagine how you are going to use this when you are out in the world. Start to imagine how you are going to allow the boundary to be controlled by you, to keep yourself safe and how you make decisions about expanding those boundaries of your safety as you go about your life.

You notice how it enhances your ability to make decisions in your life and how you allow yourself to feel secure and more comfortable in the world. Each and every day you learn more about what it takes to feel more and more confident in who you let in and how you choose to live life with a healthily and appropriately increasing sense of security and safety in your own skin.

The more you practice using the bubble, the more it is working for you even when you are not thinking about it, working for you and keeping you safe and secure and enhancing how you make decisions.

Step Seven: You can return here whenever you choose. Tell yourself that each time you come here and run through this process it works even better and the benefits increase.

Then you exit hypnosis by counting yourself up, wiggling your fingers and toes and go about your day feeling better and letting the feelings continue to be felt.

It is a truly wonderful sensation to feel safe and protected using your own mind, I hope you enjoy that sensation too.


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