Every now and then I like to offer up a new method of inducing self-hypnosis. I have offered up a number of techniques here on the blog over the years and each are great and if I were to teach a single method, it would most likely be an eye fixation type of process.

However, as we practice, we might like a bit of variation and likewise, when we have some choice, it may be that we enjoy certain processes more than others.

Today I offer you another really lovely methodology of inducing self-hypnosis that I have been practicing with for a number of months and that I have been using with clients in my consulting rooms too.

It is entirely inspired and based upon a technique shown in The Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis (2008, p. 494) and I have tweaked it for use in self-hypnosis sessions instead of hetero-hypnosis situations.

To hypnotise yourself this way, you’ll need to have a coin of some kind and then simply follow these simple steps:

Hypnotise Yourself With A Coin Drop

Step One:  Get yourself seated in a balanced position with your arms and legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor. Be in a relaxed, but attentive posture.

Hold the coin in your dominant hand, then take a couple of deeper breaths and on any subsequent exhalation, allow your eyes to close. Be really aware of the sensation of the coin in your hand, then let your breathing happen all by itself without you interfering with it and move on to the next step.

Step Two: With the coin in your hand, hold your arm out straight in front of you, palm facing down.

Engage your imagination and start to tune into the warmth of the coin in your hand. Start to use your internal dialogue throughout this process to create a running commentary of what your ongoing experience is. Tell yourself that you are aware of the warmth surrounding the coin.

Throughout this process make sure that you absolutely convince yourself of each step before proceeding.  Noticing the warmth of the coin, move on to the next step.

Step Three: Convince yourself and truly allow yourself to believe that this coin is magical in some way and has the same properties as a balloon. Imagine that each breath you breathe is inflating this balloon coin and it is expanding more and more surely.

Really imagine it inflating in the palm of your hand, so that your hand starts to open and unwrap.

Imagine the coin balloon is getting comfortably warmer and is expanding more and more.

Notice that your fingers begin to open up and tell yourself that you can feel them opening up all on their own. The more you imagine it and tell yourself, convincing yourself, the more it happens naturally.

Imagine the pressure building in the palm of your hand and as you start to notice the changes happening and your fingers moving, then move on to the next step.

Step Four: Now use your breathing rhythmically while you count from ten down to zero, relaxing more with each breath, relaxing more with each number you count and with each breath and each number you count, continue to imagine the balloon coin expanding, inflating, getting warmer and your fingers opening, your hand opening more and more.

Tell yourself that all the time it takes for you to count down to zero, is all the time it takes your fingers to fully open and for the coin to drop on to the floor.

Once you have started to count, start to also think and let yourself be aware that the coin main drop. As soon as the coin drops, that is your indicator that you are hypnotised, you are responsive and your imagination is influencing you beautifully.

Once the coin drops, move on to the next step.

Step Five: With the coin dropped, you can now deepen the hypnosis utilizing the situation that remains… that is, start to imagine that without the coin supporting your hand, it is getting heavier and more tired and wants to float back down into your lap.

All the time that it takes your arm to drift and float back down into your lap is all the time it takes for you to go deeper and deeper down into hypnosis.

Tell yourself you are going deeper and relaxing more as your arm gets heavier and floats back to your lap. Once it reaches your lap, you might like to sigh or imagine the relaxation spreading from the arm into the remainder of the body and engage in a progressive relaxation if you require it.

Step Six: You now use the session in whatever way you choose, using a technique, strategy or intervention method, or just delivering affirmation or suggestions.

Step Seven: You exit the session, taking some deep breaths, reorienting yourself and opening your eyes when ready.

It is a lovely and simple routine that I have been using a lot and both my clients and fellow self-hypnotists have been thoroughly enjoying it and finding it effective. I hope you do too.

For a full, evidence based approach to learning self-hypnosis and it’s many applications, grab a copy of my book The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence Based Way to Hypnotise Yourself.


Nash, M. R., & Barnier, A. J. (2008) The Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis: Theory, Research and Practice. Oxford University Press. (p. 494)