Invincible, what does it mean? Here is what the dictionary says;

[in-vin-suh-buh l] adjective
1. incapable of being conquered, defeated, or subdued.
2. insuperable; insurmountable:

When did you last feel invincible? What does it mean to you, to feel invincible?

Have you ever felt invincible? For me, I have felt invincible when I have weightlifted a personal best weight, or run a good race at a marathon or ultra-running event, or enjoyed some success with a professional project, or excelled with a personal goal. I recall how I used to feel during the seemingly long Summer holidays when I was at school, when I’d play out all day long every day playing football, chasing around on bikes, climbing trees and living an energetic carefree existence, which may be the reason that I feel so invincible when I am lost in playing with my own children. Being self-employed makes me feel invincible often; I get to dictate my own life, be in control of it, create new ways of earning my living and develop my career, it gives a sense of freedom and comfort in life, yet so few seem to feel anything other than vulnerable and terrified at the reality of being self-employed in this current economic climate.

When we are invincible, we are energised, driven and fearless, and this is an incredibly useful way to be at times in your life.

What goals do you have for your life both personally and professionally? Why haven’t you achieved those goals? Has anything stopped you from reaching the level of success in life that you desire? There is no need to feel frustrated if there is currently a gap between where you want to be and where you are currently. You can actually create purposeful autonomy and have power over your own fate. Being invincible, and having the feeling of invincibility is exactly what you need to triumph over obstacles and achieve more of your goals and aspirations and begin to move your life in the direction you wish.

Many people that I encounter in my consulting rooms are living a bit of nightmare when they believe that their life is a result of causes other than their own doing; they blame too much sometimes. So much of what happens in life is actually a result of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. All of which you can combine and unify with an awe-inspiring sense of feeling invincible. We are nearing the new year, setting goals, looking forward with optimism, so now is the time to tap into your invincibility. Today’s article is all about how to do that.

1. Have Desire. Intend to change. Purposefully Succeed:

Are you willing to do what it takes to realise your dreams? What do you think and believe about yourself? Do you realise that this creates your reality? Do you know that you deserve to think amazing things about yourself? So many people don’t believe that they can or deserve to have a fantastic life. They see themselves as always struggling financially or always being overweight and unhealthy. Or, they feel their life is “fine” and refuse to make it extraordinary.

As Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Don’t wait until some future goal is achieved to be happy. How many times have you heard someone say, “oh, I’ll be happy when I get the new job, the new relationship, the money, the car or the house?” They strive and struggle with negativity, thinking that the more they stress the sooner they will get there and get happy. Get happy and uplift your inner environment first and your dreams will more easily flow to you. How do you do that?

The key here is to understand the power of your imagination and intense visualisation to create not only a mental image of what you want but also get the feeling as if it is already your reality. From this, you will move mountains, because the energy that you feel on the inside is reflected in your life on the outside.  Napoleon hill once said, “Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.”

Here is a great article to help you do just this: The Generic and Classic Self-Hypnosis Outcome Generator – Creating Future Memories.

2. Create The Vision:

If you are ill, you see yourself as ill. If you say, “I am healthy and strong”, the neural pathways in your brain begin to replicate this, you begin to identify with it, and soon your life reflects this back to you. As Neville Goddard wrote, “if you will not imagine yourself as other than what you are, then you remain as you are.” There are even studies, for example, that reveal that feeling powerful increases saving. This effect is driven by the desire to maintain your current state. If you think you are broke or struggling in your professional career, what will your life continue to reflect back to you? This impacts your social and intimate life, financial, and psychological life.

3. Make It Real. Add The Feelings:

When you desire to be better than you are, you can create in your mind the ideal and then live with the thoughts and feelings as if it is already your reality. When this becomes your dominant feeling, positive results are inevitable.

Ask yourself why you want each goal. Do a motivation review. Continue to ask until you arrive at the feeling reason. For example, if you want to earn more money, ask why. Possibly the reason is that you want to buy a bigger house. Why do you want the bigger house? Maybe you want comfort and security.  It is actually the feeling of comfort and security that you are after. You start to arrive at your values which may be fulfilled in other ways too.

4. Have Trust and Faith in Yourself.

You must know in your heart that positive feelings that come from a vivid imagination will create positive outcomes. It is faith in oneself that can truly move mountains.  Research shows that feeling invincible makes people more optimistic. John Muir said, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” Here are a number of articles to help you develop your belief in and love for yourself:

a) How To Believe In You – 9 and a bit Ways To Advance Self-Belief.
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e) Using Self-Hypnosis To Love Yourself More.

5. Release the Current Reality.

Will you be the ruler of your imagination or a slave to current reality?  In standard living, we have no control over our imagination and instead react to what we experience around us. It may seem hard to ignore reality and feel as if your dreams have come true. When you practice this, it becomes habit and therefore easier.

Direct your attention from what you don’t want to what you do want. If you worry about money, don’t focus on lack but instead the excitement of finding new ways to make more. If you are ill, imagine instead of being in vibrant health. Crowd out the unpleasant reality with the exhilarating feeling of achieving your goals. Fill your mind with visualisations and your heart with joyous feelings.

6. Use Concentration and Discipline to Purposefully Focus your Attention:

The results will respond with the degree to which you focus. The results depend on your inner force or your ability to concentrate. May the force be with you! (The Last Jedi film premiers today, I needed to mention something Stars Wars, didn’t I?) You must persist in generating this feeling and soon the mental image will become your reality. Your ideal life will only be realised once you imagine yourself as living that life.

This is deliberate intent. You are already creating but without intent. Whatever you see you think just happened by circumstance and that you had little to no control. Now you are going to live with the wisdom of creating a new life by creating in your mind a better reality and getting the feeling as if it is already true. Here are a couple of articles to help you get focused:

a) Using Self-Hypnosis For Increased Focus and Concentration.
b) Increase Focus: 10 Ways to Stay Focused.

7. Natural Feelings:

If you create a mental image of your new life and capture the feeling as if it is already your reality, it should feel natural to you. Neville Goddard wrote, “When you can call up at will whatsoever image you please, when the forms of your imagination are as vivid to you as the forms of nature, you are master of your fate.”

Last of all, look at life as a series of obstacles to be conquered. Realise that failure is always a possibility, but it should not stop you from trying to have the courage to become the hero of your own life, to become invincible.

Tap into previous times you have felt invincible, become aware of activities that make you feel invincible, then start to practice feeling invincible and apply it in areas of your life that are going to reward you massively – perhaps this coming new year, spending more time feeling invincible is going to drive you towards more of your goals and dreams.

Go take your invincibility tablets!

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