Ideally, I recommend reading my blog post from yesterday and employing as many of the strategies as possible in practical terms as possible: Increase Focus: 10 Ways to Stay Focused.

Then, with those engaged, start to use this self-hypnosis session to advance your those strategies and to see your focus and concentration levels sky rocket. Follow these simple steps.

Step One: Preparation and Prioritising:
Prepare for this session by having in your mind a particular goal that you wish to achieve, and also an idea of the kinds of distractions that can pull you away from being productive towards that goal.

If you have more than one goal you wish to advance your focus and concentration for, then you need to start by organising and prioritising your goals into a list in order of importance, and then pick your top priority for each self-hypnosis session. Having this information creates a guide with regards to what you will need to concentrate most of your time on and that is going to be the focus of this session – to advance your focus for completing and achieving that goal.

With that prioritised list of goals organised, move on to step two in this process.

Step Two: Induce hypnosis.
You can do so by any means you desire or know of. You can use the process in my Science of self-hypnosis book, use the free audio we give away on this website to practice or have a look at the following articles as and when you need them; they are basic processes to help you simply open the door of your mind:

Heavy Arm Self-Hypnosis Induction Method
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The Chiasson Self-Hypnosis Method
Hand to Face Self-Hypnosis Induction
Using Magnetic Hands for Self-Hypnosis
The Coin Drop Self-Hypnosis Induction

Once you have induced hypnosis, move on to step three.

Step Three: The Goal Focused Pathway Deepener:

Start to imagine walking along a pathway of your life, each step is taking you into your future, and is taking you deeper into hypnosis.

Imagine being in an environment that you find relaxing, peaceful and comfortable. See the sights, hear the sounds, feel at ease and comfortable and let each step take you deeper into hypnosis.

Imagine that you are walking towards your dream outcome, your goal, the particular goal that you considered prior to starting this self-hypnosis session. Once you have relaxed, deepened your hypnosis and are imagining the scene as vividly as possible, move on to the next step.

Step Four: Time Is Currency:
As you continue to walk along the pathway towards your goal, you recognise that you only have certain periods of time that you are able to make progress along the pathway. You notice that your ability to move along the pathway towards your goal stops and starts as each metaphoric day passes while you are on the pathway.

You recognise overtly here that the way you use your time determines whether you will be successful or not. When you have focus and concentration, you seem to move further along the pathway each day, you make greater progress towards towards your goal.

You notice important milestones along the pathway which indicate the progress you make. Once you have this notion of time being used effectively with focus fully represented in your imagination, move on to the next step.

Step Five: Understand Your Windows:
As you progress along the path, start to notice if you are moving quicker in the mornings afternoons or evenings, and start to get a sense of when you seem to be making most progress. Here, you are simply reminding yourself of the times of day when you are best at being focused upon your goals.

When you have a sense of what part of the day is the best for you to focus, then move on to the next step.

Step Six: Design Your Focused Environment:
Start to design the environment of the pathway. That is, make the smells, the sounds, the feelings and sights all enhance your focus.

So, if focus was a sound, what sound is that?
If focus was a colour, what colour would that be?
What is the feeling of focus?
What smells engage your sense of focus?
What imagery gets you focused? Maybe the idea of completing your goal?

Design the environment of your imagined pathway according to all of your answers to these questions. Then start to think of ways in which you can translate this information into your own real environment. How will you advance your own working environment to ensure it maximises your ability to focus and concentrate?

With this in mind, move on to the next step.

Step Seven: Minimise Distractions:
As you progress along the pathway toward your goal, your recognise that obstacles begin to impede your progress and slow you down. Start to notice symbolic representations of your distractions (that you thought about in step one) are appearing on your pathway and slowing your progress right down.

Reach deep inside of yourself and tap into your sense of aggressive focus and concentration and imagine brimming with it as you now motor along the pathway.

Remove those distractions by whatever means you think are best – zap them, bash them out of the way, push them to one side, or whatever it takes.

Remove the biggest sources of distraction. Notice how you start to speed up along the pathway with a renewed sense of focus and concentration.

As this happens, you start to think of how this will happen in real-life terms too – Will you have emails off, your phone out of reach or unplugged, and so on? When you are sure of this, move on to the next step.

Step Seven: Oxygenate Your Blood:
As you walk along the pathway, unimpeded and obstacle free, start to walk with more rigour, start to pick up the pace in a way that raises your breathing rate a healthy amount.

As you do so, imagine watching the air coming into your mouth, observe the air and imagine it coming into your mouth and moving through your system.

You might imagine it has qualities you can observe; minute oxygen bubbles, light, colour, sound, a sensation. Just watch it coming in through your mouth, follow each breath moving through your throat, into your windpipe, and then branching out into the two smaller air tubes, the bronchi, going in the direction of the left and right lung via a network of thousands of smaller airways called bronchioles.  The air then reaches the alveoli in the lungs.

Continue to follow and imagine that journey of the air, tell yourself that as you imagine it, you are deeper hypnotised, more focused and more responsive. As the air arrives at the alveoli, notice that the oxygen sticks to it and is removed from the air. The oxygen then moves into the blood vessels and the blood.

Start to imagine that you are extracting more and more oxygen from each breath of air until you are efficiently and effectively absorbing and extracting ALL the oxygen possible from each breath of air you breathe in.

Watch as more and more oxygen increasingly is absorbed into your system in a healthy, beneficial way.

Now imagine that the increased oxygen travelling through the capillaries and into the red blood cells is being moved more effectively. It is being moved in a comfortable and efficient manner. Not necessarily being distributed quicker. Your red blood cells are brimming over with oxygen that enrich the body, arrive at the organs and muscles to fuel them with more natural ease, thus making it easier and easier to use more effort in a more effective fashion.

As this is happening, and your body has an abundance of oxygen, as it is becoming more effective at using it, so it transports away the carbon dioxide effectively. It seems that as the muscles expend energy and omit the waste product of carbon dioxide, the red blood cells are also capable of removing more of it with each exhalation. Your system cleans itself, renews more easily.

Tune in to the areas of the busy that have been worked hardest. Mobilise the blood flow to those needed areas by focusing in on the muscles that were used the most in your workout and imagine the oxygen being healthily transported to those muscles in particular, soothing, healing, and of course cleansing and removing more of the waste products. You find that the body’s removal of waste products is more and more effective as you imagine it to be so.

As you feel the blood being oxygenated, feel the increase in your focus and ability to concentrate being advanced and increased as more oxygenated blood reaches your brain.

Once you have spent a good period of time doing this thoroughly, move on to the next step.

Step Eight: Create Future Memory of Goal Achievement:
With your progress advanced as a result of your increased focus, imagine the goal, the dream outcome, the achievement now happening. Be in the scene and mentally rehearse it happening just as if you were there; be there. See the sights, hear the sounds, feel the feelings of accomplishment and enjoy that outcome.

Start to reflect upon how good it is going to be when you have achieved that outcome and get a sense of just knowing it is going to happen now that you have advanced your focus and ability to concentrate on your priority goals.

Once you have done so, move on to the next step.

Step Nine: Exit hypnosis.
If you use my own protocol as shown in my science of self-hypnosis book, count yourself up and out from one through to five. Otherwise, open your eyes, wiggle your toes and get oriented to the place you are in.

Practice this process and relate it to the strategies in yesterday’s blog entry and your focus will sky-rocket. Now go and concentrate on achieving those goals!

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