Each year since having children, I have marched my family down to our beach hut to watch the Bournemouth Air Festival and show for the full event. It has become a bit of a family event that we all look forward to now. I wrote in detail last year about why anyone should bother, have a read here: Why Did I Bother Watching Aeroplanes Last Weekend?

I shall not write about the same themes again today, just go and read that article about why I think it is so wonderful. Importantly, my kids love it, it is another great thing to do as a family unit, we hang out on the beach and enjoy being outdoors, and it is all on our doorstep, why wouldn’t we go to it? My son had his very first experience with binoculars at the air show a few years ago….

Having just got back from holiday, I had too much to do with work to attend on Thursday and Friday, but my wife took our children on those quieter days, then on Saturday, with the sun shining, the entire world joined us at the beach it seems. The place was packed.

You can see here, two hours before the show was due to start, how those with boats get up close with each other in the sea fairly close to Bournemouth pier in readiness to enjoy the show from the water.

At midday, we watched the Red Arrows open the show, I shared this picture, with the caption “The Red Arrows, cider and sunshine, happy days at our beach hut for the Bournemouth air show.…

The Red Arrows are something else, such great entertainment. We had a couple of other families with us, we dug holes in the sand, we cheered at the different planes, ate ice cream, I may have had a couple of cheeky ciders, and life was good.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back here on the blog tomorrow with something of far greater substance…..