Leading an inspired life is my topic today, the international day of happiness.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”Mark Twain.

Today’s article is about leading an inspired life, not strictly about finding purpose though the two have a relationship. It is more about acting upon your beliefs, your purpose and showing the world what you’re made of.

Think for a moment about the quality of your daily life. Are you doing the best you can but finding yourself bored or stunted by the same-old, same-old routine? Do you feel stuck or trapped by your circumstances, whether in your professional or your personal life? Are you living a life based on what others expect of you to the extent that you’ve put your own ideas and potential on the backburner?

In each of these situations or scenarios, it almost feels like a psychological wall has been put into place and it prevents new ideas that may offer a better way of doing things from entering your awareness. And this is precisely why inspiration is so necessary for you to have so you can take down that wall and live up to more of your full potential.

Inspiration originally meant to receive an idea or truth from a divine power. In other words, something bigger than yourself steps in and gives you the answer, solves the puzzle, or plants a big glowing arrow pointing you to the best path. Sounds awesome, right?  I assume you have had at least one quandary in your life that left you stumped until an inspired answer dropped into your lap, came out of the blue, or just appeared in some unexpected way, place or time. This article is not suggesting that you simply wait for things to drop into your lap – but that you create more of an inspiring environment (internal and external) in which to live. What if you could receive that sort of inspiring guidance whenever you needed it? When you are living an inspired life, you create an atmosphere that welcomes a seemingly divine intervention, you know how to recognise it, and you use it to move confidently toward more of your dreams.

Traditionally, inspiration has been viewed as a rare gift parceled out to a lucky few. In creative fields, it’s often cited as that one special ingredient that makes an artist an Artist. It’s the difference between the sketch artist and Michelangelo, the greeting card writer and Maya Angelou, or your mate’s garage band and Prince. In the old worldview, inspiration is perceived as the exclusive privilege of the rare few.

Rather than thinking of a higher power randomly dealing out wisdom on a whim, imagine a life where inspiration is always there, self-generated and ready for us to tap into it. Every moment of every day, we have the potential for inspiration. When we tap in, seeming miracles can happen.

First up then today, and contrary to much that I usually suggest, project meaning onto everything, find meaning and inspiration all around you….

Everything’s a sign day:
 Just for a day, look for the deeper meaning in whatever you encounter. Is the song playing when you turn on your car relevant to a current situation? Does the weather match your mood or is it coaxing you out of it? Give a casual conversation attention as if it were a secret message just for you. Are there colours, words, or images that repeat? Can you use any of this to help resolve your issue? Keep it fun and you may find some amazing tools to get you unstuck from a stubborn problem.

Why is Leading an Inspired Life Important?

Wherever it comes from, inspiration brings with it a new awareness, a vision, that motivates us to express or actualise it. The scope of that vision is not necessarily important. What is important is that new possibilities are contained within it, beyond our present limitations, and they’re asking to be made manifest. When this happens, you can feel a sparkly sense of excitement and aliveness.

Inspiration is not as random as you may have been told. It can be invited, activated, encouraged and allowed to move us. Here are three reasons that should “inspire” you to explore this phenomenon for yourself.

1. Inspiration evokes gratitude. And gratitude evokes a sense of connection and belonging. Connection and belonging evoke a sense of safety and abundance. All of which are based within you. There is nothing outside of you that can diminish them or take them away. There is nothing random or unpredictable about it. Can you get a sense of just how powerful this “base of operations” is?
2. Research (Thrash et al, 2010. Mediating between the muse and the masses. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) shows that inspiration positively affects our creativity, our ability to be “in the flow,” to become more competent, more productive and attain our goals. That in turn, affects our sense of self efficacy, self-esteem and overall satisfaction.
3. One study shows that inspiration gives us the opportunity to discover who we are. How? By giving us a glimpse of what we’re capable through the limitless source of our own inner knowing rather than our limited knowledge base. That means we can tap into our potential for self-expression which in turn, contributes to our well-being, our sense of purpose, and our happiness.

So today, on International Happiness day, lets also look at how to be inspired and inspiring, because inspired lives create happiness.

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”Vincent van Gogh.

Every morning after breakfast on days she is not teaching, Jayne retreats to her music room to compose music in a dedicated space situated at the back of her house. This has been her ritual for a long time. Jayne is utterly consumed with her music. She can sometimes go many hours without a break. She has had a good career; she has written music for many artists of varying kinds; some have been commercial successes, some less so. Jayne is not afraid to dedicate the hours required to create her music.

Inspiration is not just the territory of the arts, it can express itself in varying forms. You may be inspired if you are a hypnotherapist seeking to develop your field, or if you are a parent tending to your family.

Inspiration is not defined by WHAT you do, it tends to be defined by the state of being that you experience when you are doing it.
Though they are similar and share some common ground, there are differences between inspiration and happiness. When you are inspired, you are often filled with joy and fulfilment. When you live an inspired life, in the pursuit of your passion, time often stands still, you are often oblivious of your surroundings and discover meaning and purpose in their work, which often feels more like a calling than a job.

Happiness is often a fleeting experience, an ephemeral one that is usually quite temporary or short-lived, influenced by our internal and/or external environment.

Here are some tips that highlight ways to create and cultivate inspiration in your daily life. Remember, you can connect with inspiration in virtually anything you do – playing and sharing a fun game or a story with your children at the end of a long day may be regarded as an act of inspiration, since it is a calling from the heart.

“You can believe that you are neither a slave to inspiration nor its master, but something far more interesting — its partner — and that the two of you are working together toward something intriguing and worthwhile.” —  Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic.

1. Create a Sense of Purpose.
What are you most passionate about? What pushes your buttons, stirs your soul and has you daydreaming about it each day? Those who find passion and purpose typically experience a deep sense of satisfaction, joy and bliss all more areas of their lives. They feel alive. 

I have covered that topic in depth here before, have a read here:

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2. Think Thoughts That Inspire You.
“See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.”Dalai Lama.

One of the things I do with almost all of my clients in my therapy rooms is reframe ‘problems’ as ‘challenges’ for us to overcome. Reframing negative thoughts into more useful meanings helps us to be more positive.

A great way to reframe any negative thought or situation that we find ourselves in is to ask questions of it: In what way could this be useful? In what context would this be useful? What other meaning could I find for this?

Or even better, is to look for positives by asking; what can I learn from this? What opportunities are there here? What can I find that is positive in this? Actively seek out the optimistic perspective in any negative situation.

Throughout your day and at the end of your day when reflecting upon it, pan for gold. That is, examine and notice what was good about your day. Highlight moments and occurrences and even consider writing them in a journal. Make it a habit to start noticing all that is positive and good in life. Here is a great way to do that:
Creating A Happiness Filter Using Self-Hypnosis.

Revisit your favourite motivational thoughts and quotes too – let them stir you and reignite the fire within you each day.

3. Develop an Inspired Vision for Your Life.
A vision that inspires you is one that is connected to your sense of purpose. Why do you want what you want for yourself and your life? What is driving you? 

First of all, connect with your true self, then create a vision that fits in with that true self.

a) Why You Need to Discover Your True Self – And How To Do So.
b) Creating a Vision For Your life.

If you have a powerful driving force, a strong reason, and a calling, then you easily find your efforts fueled.
In my beloved book (and latterly, the film) The Lord of The Rings, Gandalf reminds us to connect with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose by posing one simple question: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.”

4. Up and At ‘Em!
Inspired people do not sleep in; they can’t wait to get up in the mornings! Many truly inspired people actually ruminate in a positive way about their passion and sense of purpose.

“When I open my eyes in the morning I am not confronted by a world, but by a million possible worlds.”Colin Wilson.

Start each day in inspiring fashion. How do you start each day? Are you awoken by a violent sounding alarm clock? Do you moan at the arrival of another day? Are you stressed about what you have to do? Is the radio DJ or news producer feeding you with their thoughts and agenda?

The way you begin the day will dictate the tone of the entire day ahead of you. Choose carefully how you start your day. Maybe enjoy uplifting conversation with your family, get uplifted with happy music, read motivational, useful or helpful materials – choose something that helps to inspire you or that boosts your mood to positive and which therefore creates a fertile mindset for positive thoughts to grow and develop throughout your day. Positive thoughts, ideas and creativity will find it tough to wade through the treacle like river of negativity. Read these articles for more on how to start your day in style:
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If this means you struggle to sleep at night, which is often the case for those who are deeply inspired, then taking a power nap during the day can help, many of the most inspirational people in history did just that, have a read about this here: 
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5.Learn From Failure.

Failure often leads to success: Use all the lessons you have learned to create daily practices to deepen what you want to change or develop.

Read these articles on this subject:

a) How to Bounce Back From Being Knocked Down.
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6. Dream Big:
Love that part of you that has dreams. Then tune into those dreams that you are really passionate about. Yes, we need to be realistic at times, but also consider what too much reality has cost you in the past. With a sense of purpose developed, examine all the areas of your life and decide what you really do and don’t want. Then decide. Make the important choices. Then invest belief in your dreams – because if you do believe in yourself, no one else will either. You can prove your belief in your dreams by then taking action. Read these articles to help:
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Follow these tips, seek out inspiration and make it your aim to live an inspired life as of today!


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