Yesterday I got majorly distracted by a friend of mine showing me that the archive of British Pathé broadcasting had now been added to YouTube. He shared a couple of clips that made me go and explore for myself – they have some absolutely golden scenes portraying hypnosis, self-hypnosis and hypnotism back in the early days of Television (1950s) – it is a joy to watch some of it, and it is incredibly amusing.

I thought I’d share with you here today a couple of my favourites.

Firstly, the incredible Rodinos is a ‘Self-Hypnotist’ who looks into his own hand mirror reflection to hypnotise himself into doing all manner of crazy stuff. This is a technique that I have omitted from my own work on this topic… “Rodinos is a self-hypnotist… Going, going, gone…

This is my favourite ‘Svengali Means Goals” sees Henry Blythe hypnotising Gloucester football club to great effect, “putting the fluence on the players” and “Gloucester won this match. The next, when Henry was away, they lost – that speaks for itself.”

Here is a demonstration by famous hypnotist of the day Richard Payne, I love his style. “Hypnotic suggestion can turn men into Supermen” as he conducts a full body catalepsy:

This clip might be technologically advanced with colour, but has a rather antiquated theme of sexism running through it as this member of “the weaker sex” has hypnotism to help her cope with being in the gym, enter the Gym Hypnotist:

Peter Cassen, professional hypnotist helps this actress to play the part of hypnotised subject in this clip – cue eery background music and lots of panning into the eyes:

For all you hypnosis geeks, I hope you found this as much of an enjoyable distraction as I did for 20 minutes!


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