The ability to continue moving when you are feeling scared, fearful or lazy is the sign of true mental strength.”Matthew Donnelly

Emotional and Mental health conditions form a vital part of your overall wellbeing. We all tend to know that these days. These conditions fluctuate with changes you encounter in your daily life. A major event in life can also result in depression, anxiety, stress, and other painful worries.

Remember that mental and emotional stability is not a destination. It is a process. It is about how you drive your path, not necessarily where you are heading towards.

Mental and emotional stability are crucial in driving your today to help define and develop your tomorrow.

If you are emotionally and mentally healthy, you tend to be more relaxed, openhearted, and broad-minded too. There are numerous other benefits.

Understand what it means to be mentally strong

Being mentally strong or resilient means adapting well to emotions that difficult times bring, such as stress, trauma, adversity, or tragedy of some kind. Mental strength is not something you tend to be born with — it is a skill that can be developed by anyone, at any age.

Studies now show that mental strength is a critical key to success. A 2017 review by Lin and colleagues featured in Frontiers in Psychology suggested mental toughness is an important individual difference factor that allows individuals to deal effectively with challenges and to persist under pressure.

Being mentally strong doesn’t mean you don’t experience pain or suffering. It is often best learned when one is faced with an extremely painful situation. What it does mean is that you learn to rebuild or “bounce back” from these experiences.

“Mental strength will be the biggest key to success in post COVID19 outbreak era.” ― Abhishek Ratna

Ways to Make Yourself Mentally Stronger

Be more empathetic:

To be empathetic means you need to understand others from their perspective, even after knowing that the other person is different from you. When you are an understanding person, you are automatically liked by everyone. And you could be more helpful towards the others. But do not confuse empathy with sympathy, empathy is the ability to understand others, whereas sympathy is caring for others. Read these articles for more on this topic:
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Be assertive without being aggressive:

Being assertive means having the ability to say ‘no’ to others. You may be such a person who cannot deny one’s responsibilities and tends to comply with what is asked of you. This trait of yours may be helpful to some at times but also may not be helpful to you at all, as it can increase your stress. So, develop the personality of being assertive but learn to say no at the same time.

Identify the challenges:

Being mentally strong is about adapting to uncertainties in the best possible way. After experiencing pain, anxiety, and stress, the next step is to recover from your emotions and move on.

Develop your skills and develop plans that you choose to follow. Think positively about your goals and rather than giving up on dreams. Much becomes more achievable if you take one step at a time.

Think of challenges as opportunities:

No matter how catastrophic the situation you are in, it is always possible to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Focus on opportunities, not difficulties as much as it pertinent and as much as you are able. Find ways to take advantage of each situation.

Change is often born out of motivation, and you may need to motivate yourself to see the result of the change. The motivation could begin by taking up opportunities and working hard on them. Make goals and focus on achieving them. Don’t let yourself drift away from your goal.

Increase your self-awareness:

To be mentally strong you may need to know your own emotions and feelings and recognise their impact upon you and your life. You may need to be aware of your strengths and weakness esand work on them and use them appropriately.

By focusing on the things you do well, you can become mentally strong and more optimistic. Perhaps one of your strengths is being in contact with people who are willing and ready to help others. Seek your gifts, strengthen your skills, and know what is best for you to guide you.

You may also need to develop the ability to recognise destructive emotions and impulses. To develop this ability you need to increase your self-awareness, adapt to means to manage stress and to overcome obstacles and also strive for excellence in whatever you do.

Lean to accept failure:

You can’t control everything, and being wrong is part of learning. You most certainly know the saying “he who tries nothing has nothing.” The other way to say it is “he who does not make mistakes does not advance.”

If you are not ready to accept failure, then you will never be mentally strong. Accept constructive criticism, don’t be overwhelmed by the unexpected. Remember that in any unpleasant situation, there is something positive to be gained from it. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Read this article for more on this topic: How to Learn From Failure.

Don’t let negative people affect you badly:

Unfortunately, many people spend their time talking badly about others or seeing “problems” everywhere. These people may bring little or nothing to your life, and worse, they may pull you down. This negative impact does not allow you to be strong because you may take on board their habits, or simply be affected by them. Don’t let pessimists influence you.

If someone tells you that you can’t do something, show them they’re wrong. Even better, show yourself that you are capable. You may choose to stay away from people who add negativity to your life.

Take care of your relationships:

To be mentally strong, you may need to have the ability to handle your relationships, and for that, you may need to have the ability to listen and accept feedback. Also, accept change from people as well as yourself. You need to be ready for responsibilities and predict the challenges you will face in your relationships.

The fact is that it becomes easier to be emotionally stable and mentally tough if you have enough support and if you have a caring and nurturing network of family and friends that you can undoubtedly rely on for help or advice. A good support network can add a great deal to your mental strength.

“At the end of your struggles, challenges, and obstacles comes the mental strength to cross many boundaries in the future.” ― Edmond Mbiaka


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