Today on the blog, I’d like to introduce you to Gareth Lee Morgan. I am proud to say that Gareth has been a student of mine and was a tutor and assistant on my hypnotherapy diploma course. Though I am even more delighted to write that last Friday afternoon, at a dental practice in Christchurch here in Dorset, Gareth had three teeth removed without any injections and the anaesthesia was all created by his own mind with the use of self-hypnosis.

I just loved writing that last sentence!

He was not being hypnotised by anyone other than himself. He had no formalised hypnosis in this matter from anyone else, he insisted on doing the entire process by himself, based upon his learnings and experience.

He was dogged and stubbornly strong throughout this process.

Pretty amazing stuff. In the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, many people read about these stories and watch gobsmacking, jaw-dropping video clips, but it has been marvellous to encounter and witness such a brilliant feat achieved by someone so close and who the local hypnosis community here are all aware of. Let me share with you his story…

Some months ago, he had some fillings at the dentist, Gareth and I had had a conversation on the telephone and when he told me about his upcoming series of appointments for his ongoing dental plan, I mentioned that this was a brilliant opportunity for Gareth to test and utilise his skills using hypnosis on himself. I never thought of it again.

Gareth did though.

A lot.

He thought about the two upcoming procedures for tooth removal that were planned and asked himself “can I do this?” To which he replied “Of course I can, I can do this…!” Gareth emailed me the next day to advise me that he was going for it. The first procedure he was going to have the injections and experience it all as the dentist would usually do and then with that to compare it to, for the second tooth extraction, he’ll go back a month later and have no injections, just use hypnosis and his own mindset entirely to have his tooth removed.

Some people thought he was mad.

Today, I thought it’d be great to share what he did and how he did it and demonstrate what is truly possible when you use your mind to a fuller capacity than we usually allow ourselves to, and when we believe something else is possible (than what we are prescribed by others), when we dare to question the norms.

On my diploma course and on my self-hypnosis seminar, Gareth had been able to create anaesthesia in his arm as directed by me and twice had pins placed through his arm without pain or bleeding. He had done a number of other challenging (his own admission) processes engaging his own mind whilst on the course, including a firewalk with me and his fellow students at the end of their diploma course and these things were the early evidence that was helping him to believe that his tooth extraction challenge was possible. He had done full body catalepsy on my self-hypnosis seminar previously too, here is his photo of that:

He set about practicing. I encourage everyone that steps off my self-hypnosis seminar to use the strategy and the technique I offer up, but then to start to create their own processes and develop their own preferred means and style. One of Gareth’s favourite places on the planet is Warwick castle and he would imagine being in the top tower there and walking down the spiral staircases, deepening his experience until he reached the lower depths, whereby he’d meet a knight who opened a gate for him and he was in a highly receptive place that he describes as “the place I need to be.”

This is a very private and intimate thing for Gareth and I thank him enormously for allowing me to share this with you.

One of the bravest things Gareth did do at this early stage was to announce his intentions in public and hold himself accountable for what he proposed to do and there were a number of responses that Gareth received that would not fill many people with confidence. When Gareth heard people telling him “that is going to hurt” (as they did do) he refuted it and engaged in brilliant disputation, instead thinking to himself “how do you know?” and “have you had it done?” and even ranging to “it doesn’t have to be as they are suggesting.” Even at these early stages, his cognitions were fuelling and enhancing his belief in his ability to do it, a major contributory factor and something all people reading this should be inspired by.

He was defiant in the face of dissenters and doubters, unequivocally so.

Gareth practiced the types of techniques he had learned and done with me using glove anaesthesia. One of his early observations with his initial testing of his own skills, was that when he used his other hand to feel and test, it would alert him to the sensation of it and although he could note a difference in temperature in the arm, he felt when he touched it, it set his progress back just a bit.

It was then, that following some regular time spent with another previous self-hypnosis student of mine and brilliant coach and therapist Suzanne Miles, she showed Gareth one of her own methods of doing this. Suzanne showed that at first, using a pen to move along the arm actually could have some sponge-like qualities to the arm instead of the previous icy notions of classic glove anaesthesia.

Enhancing and engaging the imagination Gareth started to imagine his arm was becoming sponge and spent lots of time testing and practicing with the pen, engaging in self-hypnosis and developing the anaesthesia with greater effectiveness. To the point where he could abandon using the pen, do it all in his head and bring the anaesthesia all the way to the left-hand side of the back of his mouth where he was going to have his tooth removed.

Gareth would use his tongue to test the sensation either side of his mouth and could feel the differences happening and he got to the stage where he started the process happening in his arm and he would think that his arm would just disappear from awareness and turn into the sponge-like object, he dissociated quicker and quicker with more impressive results.

At this stage, it is worth me adding that Gareth did not just practice the process, he practiced his cognitions and was determined in his beliefs, even when he felt some slight resistance, he persisted and continued to strive with the way he communicated to himself, he also continued to behave as if it was all going to go swimmingly well and he just knew it was going to happen successfully.

He used that term to me several times “I just know this is going to happen.”

Gareth got his level of belief down a tee, in fact when we discussed it all in depth this very morning, he told me that while he was talking to me, the sensation was happening as he described the effect – he could feel what he was doing to his arm there and then!

Even on the night before his dentist appointment to have his tooth removed, he was confidently discussing the procedure with fellow hypnosis professionals at the hypnosis geek dinner I run here in Bournemouth. We laughed and joked and he was unfazed and raring to go.

Ok, lets get to it then, the day arrived and instead of being nervous or filled with dread, Gareth was excited and optimistic as a result of the 8 weeks of diligent practice he had invested in this. That morning, he actually was so filled with energy he lifted weights and exercised in the morning. He got himself to the dental practice, met up with Suzanne Miles who was going to witness and help document everything (witness alongside the dentist and the dental technician who was made redundant by Gareth having no anaesthesia to administer! She sat in the corner and enjoyed the show), Gareth initially prepared himself in the waiting room.

Having run through his own process in the waiting room, he was done. He started at Warwick castle while he had his hand on his lap and felt all the changes he was now accustomed too all happening and he knew he was ready.

When called in to the dentists room where the procedure was to take place, the dentist asked him how long it was going to take for him to ‘do his thing’ to which he replied “I’m ready now.” As he sat down he closed his eyes and amplified what he had done in the waiting room and the dentist began her work.

Gareth described the procedure to me in great detail, he could feel the weight on the dentist leaning in and on his mouth, he said at times it felt as though a spoon was scooping out of his mouth in a gentle manner and he could feel all the movement and motion of it all… Just without any pain.

Compared to when he had a tooth removed the month before with six accompanying injections, he knew everything that was happening, and was engaged, paid attention and was interested in what was happening. The pain just did not arrive. Gareth’s rear tooth was removed on the left side of his mouth.

The dentist was impressed and then sent Gareth a curveball and a half. She told him she was now going to remove a further two teeth from the other side and then to look for the best teeth whitening, as she had told him previously, but he had not remembered or prepared for. Bless him.

He wobbled for a moment, spent 5-6 seconds with his eyes closed and moved all his anaesthesia to the other side of his mouth. He imagined the anaesthesia and watched it move from one side to the other side of his mouth inside of his mind. He had to then relax himself in the face of this, he heightened his belief, built on his considerable success up to that point and before he knew it, a further two teeth were removed from his mouth.

The cloths were placed in his mouth to mop up a little bit, but at the end of it all Gareth loved the fact that he could feel his mouth, there was no numbness from injections, there was no uncontrollable dribbling and he could talk perfectly and when he described this to me, he told that all along, this is what he wanted, what he had aimed for. This is a photo he posted at my hub the day afterwards, taken shortly after he had the three teeth removed, he also added the caption:

“18th November 2011 – Dental Hypnosis – Taken minutes after I had 3 teeth extracted using only self-hypnosis for pain management which I originally learned on Adam’s Self Hypnosis Course in 2010”

Pretty cool, eh? Just look at that smile!

Upon honest reflection, when he got home, the left side of his mouth that he had practiced and practiced on for weeks had no discomfort at all in any shape or form. On the right hand side, there was some minimal discomfort, but Gareth refused the pain killer tablets and repeated his own technique and self-hypnosis procedure to get rid of it and hour or so later felt “it was like I was never there.”

What Gareth did here is amazing, he is incredibly understated and modest about what he did; which I firmly believe to be a marvellous achievement. He took what he had learned from me, what he had learned from Anthony Jacquin’s AI model when engaging his imagination, what he had learned from James Browns confidence training when really asserting his beliefs positively with himself, as well as everything else he has been exposed to in the past two years (yes, he only started with this stuff then!) and chose to be in charge of his own mind, create his own reality in the face of some skepticism and do something that he benefited from greatly and he becomes an inspirational ambassador for what hypnosis can do and what the mind is capable of.

Gareth is someone I am proud to know and delighted to have been involved in some way with as he did this. Brilliant stuff, eh?

His website is in it’s embryonic phase currently, but will be more advanced soon as he launches himself into this field professionally, do go and check out his website to read more about him and his work in the future which is sure to be a huge success – because lets be honest, anyone who can do this kind of thing, is going to be a huge success when they apply their mind, right?

Nice one G-Man 🙂


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