The British Pathé Account of Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis and Hypnotism

Yesterday I got majorly distracted by by the brilliant Anthony Jacquin (of Head Hacking fame) showing me that the archive of British Pathé broadcasting had now been added to YouTube. He showed a couple of clips on facebook that made me go and explore for myself – they have some absolutely golden clips portraying hypnosis, […]

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Do We Need To Have A “Whoopee-Doo” Attitude All The Time?

Are you one of those people who gets out of bed every single morning and sings “zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”? If not, here is something to remedy that…. One thing I have struggled to come to terms with over the years, is that as a trainer, author and therapist, whose main purpose in those roles has been to […]

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The NHS and It’s Inconsistent Stance On Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Seeing as I have spent the past week being the self-appointed Hypnotherapy Police, attempting to educate the world on the wrongs done unto this field by media and public misconceptions, I thought I’d tuck into the NHS and their formal, public stance on hypnotherapy and the inconsistencies and fallacies in some of the information they […]

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Evidence Suggests That Being Materialistic Could Be Making You Unhappy – But Here’s The Antidote to That

I suppose it was probably some cosmic message being sent to me by the Universe to help me balance my chakras and keep my aura untarnished… Yes indeed, a message, a sign, something that I ought not deem a coincidence happened just yesterday…. A piece of research popped up on my blog reader’s feed at […]

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How A Hypnotherapy Success Story In The Daily Mail Shows How Little The Public Know About Hypnotherapy

One thing I have to hand to the Daily Mail newspaper and the Mail Online is that they really do champion hypnotherapy and share quality success stories on a regular basis. It makes me happy to see the popularity of the success stories that subsequently make their way around the internet and portray the field […]

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