Why I Think Hypnotherapy Students and Hypnotherapists Fall In Love With The Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Field

It is raining here as I write this. It is properly raining. Not just a pleasant Summer shower that the garden duly needed following days of endless sunshine and heat, but rain that seems incessant, is non-stop and resembles the dull greyness of a Winter month, not the Summer. I love writing and being productive… Read more »

How To Believe In You – 9 and a bit Ways To Advance Self-Belief

I am a big fan of autobiographies. I love to read about the lives of my favourite actors, athletes, sports stars, politicians, philosophers, authors, academics and so on. There is much to learn. Virtually every single person that has succeeded in achieving what they set out to, and the people who have found some happiness… Read more »

Is The Current Trend For ‘Authenticity’ and Prescribed ’Vulnerability’ Really That Good For Us?

I’d like to tell you about a good friend of mine…. He was always quite suspicious of other people or new people. He would be quiet in groups at social events when we were young. He used to say that people had to prove themselves before he would really engage properly with them. He came… Read more »

Evidence Based Hypnotherapy Memes

A little while ago I started putting together some evidence-based hypnotherapy memes that I put on Facebook. It all started with this funny one, I asked students, graduates and hypnotherapists who knew my college to spread the wisdom of Morpheus: And then I got a lot of favourable responses from this one too: They are… Read more »

How and Why You Need To Be More Playful and Child-Like Today

This past Sunday at a family party, I climbed out of the bottom of a big bundle involving me and a group of children (the children were high and buzzing on cake and were wielding balloons like weapons) with a huge smile on my face. I was the only adult involved and it was the… Read more »

The Perfect Recipe For Self-Destruction: Self-Destruct In 10 Simple Steps

Today, I have written a perfect plan for anyone wanting to self-destruct. That’s right, I have highlighted elements of research, found the human weak spots and formulated a plan that anyone can follow to effectively engage in self-destruction. I am sharing that here. The way to create a veritable apocalypse in your life. I love… Read more »