Using Self-Hypnosis To Derive More Benefit From Your Stretching

From my Hypnosis For Running blog: I have tended to neglect stretching over the years, or rather, I’d sort of do some pathetic attempt at a static stretch at the end of races because everyone else there was doing so, or at the end of a club training session just so that I did not […]

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ITV’s Latest Hypnosis TV Show ‘You’re Back in the Room’ – What Did I Think?

I have been inundated with emails, texts, tweets and Facebook messages from people asking me what I thought of ITV’s new television programme ‘You’re Back in the Room’ and so I thought I’d write my thoughts up and share them with you here on my hypnosis blog today. The show is heavily punctuated with language […]

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Our First Hypnotherapist Peer Support Group Meeting of 2015 – A Brief Report

From the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis website: Yesterday we had our quarterly hypnotherapist peer support group. Immediately prior to that I ran a group supervision session with a number of hypnotherapists. Both served as a great reminder of the reason I love this field and reminded me that this field is filled with […]

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What Is The Best Way To Start Every Day? Use This Self-Hypnosis Process

Just recently, I was in bed with my two-year old daughter as she had woken early and my wife was out at her boot camp she goes to. We watched a bit of telly together while snuggled up warmly, and we were both dozy and laying under the covers. Then on the Cbeebies channel, the […]

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Are Hypnosis and Relaxation Directly Correlated or Even Actually Related At All?

An article came up in my blog reader feed this morning. It is titled Therapist says ‘It isn’t ‘woo-woo,’ it works’ and you can read it if you wish. The article is very well intentioned I am sure, but is quite typical of provincial news coverage that the field of hypnosis seems to get and […]

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