Using Self-Hypnosis To Cool Down Body Temperature

Here on the south coast of England, it is hot. Properly hot. We are experiencing a heatwave and it has hit 30 degrees a few times. I love Summer here, we get to spend time at our beach hut, wear shorts all day every day, go swimming, go out on the sea on my paddle […]

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Use Self-Hypnosis and Charge Into Battle To Boost Your Immune System

Today I end this short series of articles about boosting the immune system sung self-hypnosis. Do refer to the previous two blog entries here on my hypnosis blog as today’s session is a bit more fanciful and is best preceded with the knowledge of the previous two entries here. Last weekend was the first weekend […]

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How To Use Self-Hypnosis To Enhance Your Immune Functioning

In yesterday’s blog entry (which I strongly advise you to read prior to engaging with this process here), I referred to numerous pieces of research and randomised controlled trials whereby self-hypnosis had been used to advance immune functioning. It is interesting to note that active mental imagery techniques outperformed relaxation themed, more passive imagery with […]

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Effects of self-hypnosis on immune functioning: The evidence

Whilst conducting a very comprehensive literature review for my PhD (I realise I have mentioned that more than once here) it has become apparent, as I have said in the past and say in my science of self-hypnosis book, that there is a lack of credible evidence supporting the field of self-hypnosis, much more so […]

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Steve Miller Suggests Fat Hypnotherapists Should Not Work With Fat Clients. Is He Right?

As someone who runs several marathons a year, I am in the clear. That is, I am not going to have my professional credibility questioned by Steve Miller. I can see my abs in the mirror when I get out of the shower, so I’m alright Jack…. Steve Miller is the TV host of Sky […]

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