Using Self-Hypnosis and Glove Anaesthesia With a Difference To Overcome Stitch When Running

(From my Hypnosis for Running blog) Last week I was running my intensive hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course for 9 days straight and so this promised article has taken a little longer than originally expected to publish. We spend an afternoon looking at using hypnosis for overcoming pain and then dedicate some time to the medical […]

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Using Self-Hypnosis to Get Light Legs and Bouncy Feet When Running

From my hypnosis for running blog…. Today, I wanted to share a technique that I use at the tail end of my efforts/intervals sessions and throughout a lot of my Sunday long runs. One of the main challenges a runner faces is our response to our body. In particular when running, we have to cope […]

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Hypnosis For Running: Oxygenate the Blood Better Using Self-Hypnosis

My own written focus has been elsewhere recently and my hypnosis for running blog has taken a little bit of a back seat in recent months. However, my training has continued throughout Summer…. I do not really get on well with running in the Summer. I suffer in the heat and yearn for the days […]

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The Greatest Ever Hypnosis App Is Now Yours For Free!

Yes indeed, whether you use iTunes apps or Android apps, the single greatest ever hypnosis app ever produced in the history of hypnosis apps (in my totally unbiased opinion) is yours for free! Let me explain…. I was teaching module of my hypnotherapy diploma course earlier this year and I referred to an article I […]

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Are Self-Hypnosis and Hetero-Hypnosis The Same Or Different According to the Evidence?

I thought I’d examine the question as to how different self-hypnosis and hetero-hypnosis actually are and what research says about this question. According to an evidence-based sociocognitive explanation of self-hypnosis, the hypnotised individual does not respond mechanically to suggestions given, but rather in an active and goal-directed manner (Lynn and Sivec, 1992). Similarly, cognitive-behavioural therapists […]

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