Is The Current Trend For ‘Authenticity’ and Prescribed ’Vulnerability’ Really That Good For Us?

I’d like to tell you about a good friend of mine…. He was always quite suspicious of other people or new people. He would be quiet in groups at social events when we were young. He used to say that people had to prove themselves before he would really engage properly with them. He came… Read more »

Evidence Based Hypnotherapy Memes

A little while ago I started putting together some evidence-based hypnotherapy memes that I put on Facebook. It all started with this funny one, I asked students, graduates and hypnotherapists who knew my college to spread the wisdom of Morpheus: And then I got a lot of favourable responses from this one too: They are… Read more »

How and Why You Need To Be More Playful and Child-Like Today

This past Sunday at a family party, I climbed out of the bottom of a big bundle involving me and a group of children (the children were high and buzzing on cake and were wielding balloons like weapons) with a huge smile on my face. I was the only adult involved and it was the… Read more »

The Perfect Recipe For Self-Destruction: Self-Destruct In 10 Simple Steps

Today, I have written a perfect plan for anyone wanting to self-destruct. That’s right, I have highlighted elements of research, found the human weak spots and formulated a plan that anyone can follow to effectively engage in self-destruction. I am sharing that here. The way to create a veritable apocalypse in your life. I love… Read more »

10 and a Half Ways to be Positive in the Face of Negativity

Even though I am a hypnotherapist, I still at times find myself engaging in negative thinking. The brain is an amazingly fantastical organ, capable of so much, and when it gets hold of negative thoughts, it can run riot with you, it gathers momentum and can ruin big chunks of your time that could be… Read more »

Are You Committed to What You Want? Properly Committed? Self-Hypnosis To Help You Commit!

Let me tell you something. For the past 10 years, once a week, I switch off emails, I unplug my office phone, I put my mobile into ‘airplane mode’ and I write my weekly ezine. It is more than just writing. It sometimes starts as an idea I have when running, that I’ll scribble down… Read more »

What Is It With Well-Being, Health and Mental Health Apps? Why Are They Such Failures?

The title today poses a question: What Is It With Well-Being, Health and Mental Health Apps? Why Are They Such Failures? Well that is a big question, especially if I extend the title to include “hypnosis apps” too. In recent years, hundred and thousands of physical and mental health related apps have been developed and… Read more »

This Week’s Hypnotherapy Peer Support Group With Gemma Bailey – A Brief Report

(From the website of The Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis) Earlier this week, on Wednesday evening we held our quarterly peer support group here in Bournemouth. Usually, I’d post a review or report the next day, but I had a very rare day off yesterday and hung out with some long lost hypno friends… Read more »