When you consider all the people that are your friends and associates, you’ll think of each in a different way depending upon some of their main traits… One person might have a contagious sense of humour, make your time with them fun or tells plenty of jokes. Another may be a confidant with whom you can trust your life secrets that you needed to get off your chest. I have friends that I can go for a run with, those that I can just small talk and watch a film with, others that I go to football with. maybe you have friends who are connected with everything going on in your neighbourhood, another may help you with your business.

How Hypnotic Are You

As you turn your attention from the reasons you have certain thoughts about certain friends, what do you think are the main thoughts they have about you? What is it that attracts people to you? What makes people want to work or conduct business with you? Why would people want to become a part of your inner circle or you to become a part of theirs? What makes you memorable and makes people excited to see you? I think it is important to know and understand what it is that is hypnotic about you, what stays in the minds of others when they consider you…. And if you stay in their minds at all.

You do not have to be in the professional hypnosis field to be hypnotic.

It is really rather simple. To attract, gain access or to be invited again into the business or social circles you are interested in, you have to discover and develop the character traits or qualities that other members will consider valuable to their group. It may seem calculating, but in certain areas of our lives the stakes require it. By understanding this concept and increasing your ‘hypnotic value’ you can increase your current worth to groups you already belong to and ones you are seeking to enter.

Your value can be applied in numerous ways. It could be:

Specialist Knowledge – Humour – Loyalty – Reliability – Creativity – Your Intelligent Input – Charm – Conversational Skills- Athletic Ability – Leadership Skills – Networking Ability – Public Speaking Ability – Writing Skills – Marketing Skills – Organisational Skills – or just your Positive Mindset.

Any of these characteristics could ensure you have a hypnotic persona and have you etched into the minds of others in a valuable and beneficial way. They can be natural talents that you further develop or non-talents that you cultivate. Either way, if used sincerely and when it counts, who you are should bring more values to others and your own life. Thereby increasing your options in many areas.

Think about how you can be hypnotic today…