Just a quick and short blog entry here today. To be honest, this is a blog entry that I’ll use as a reference point and send people to, or that they’ll google and find out for themselves the answer to their questions… Because I get asked a particular question often;

“what does ‘buloo’ mean at the end of your emails?”

if you have not had an email from me before, you may not know that I sign off my emails with the word ‘buloo’ and I use it on my ezine each week too and when we send out broadcasts. It is part of my signature. Let me explain why….

My children watch a TV show early evening on CBeebies called the Waybuloos. The Waybuloos are little characters and at the end of every show, when they are really, really happy, they float into the air saying the words ‘buloo, buloooo!’ and my son and daughter run around happily in the playroom doing the same thing, saying the word ‘buloo’, pretending to float happily before they go to bed. The Waybuloos only do it when they are happy and whatever issue they have faced in that episode has been resolved, and it makes them float and fly into the sky. It is a lovely way that they sign off on each episode.

It struck me as a lovely way to say goodbye to grown-ups too, so I sign off with it in my emails. That’s it. It is not some ancient hypnotic language pattern used by advanced alien civilisations before departing for other planets. It is a bit quirky too, which I like.

Here is what I’m referring to:

That should explain.