Things have been quiet here on the hypnosis blog while I have been running the second half of my intensive hypnotherapy diploma here in Bournemouth for the past nine days.

What can I say? I loved every minute of it, as usual. The sun shone throughout. It shone gloriously and warmly and the students often sat on the decks overlooking the sea hypnotising each other with the sun shining down on them.

Here is the view from the training room early one morning.

We had a sumptuous selection of goodies presented during tea breaks too, one of my lovely SLovenian students brought a very tasty cake that was baked at home and brought to Bournemouth for us all to tuck into on one of the tea breaks:

Then on the final day, my lovely assistant (and one of my favourite people on the planet) brilliant hypnotherapist Lindsay Shepherd brought us all her delectable selection of homemade cupcakes which got devoured!

We actually filmed the entire event, which did mean that i had to powder my shiny face each day so as not to blind viewers!

On one day, when passing the ballroom in the hotel, I could not resist knee skidding on the dancefloor… I mean, what human could possibly resist this:

This years intensive diploma course were a marvellous group of students, I loved working with them. Here they are, all smiley and lovely:

Many thanks to you all, you are a fabulous and highly talented group of people that I know are going to go on and do wonderful things in the world. i have smaller numbers on the intensive course than on my monthly diploma due to the nature of the course and felt that I was saying goodbye to good friends yesterday. Sad to wave them off into the distance, but it has been an invigorating journey with a lot of joy and laughter and I know I am going to see lots more of these guys in the future.

The blog will be back to usual tomorrow.