Ok, yes I know, I am on holiday… But after a couple of glasses of Chateauneuf Du Pap yesterday evening I had to quickly record the evening view from the front room of our holiday home in Falmouth, Cornwall for the next week… There is something about the splashing sound of the water, the sail boats coming in and out, the sun glistening on the water surface and the tinkling sound of the buoys that I find to be highly relaxing and hypnotic…. So here you go, a clip from my phone yesterday evening…

Excuse the scintilating commentary.

After a day in the blazing sun in the stunning town of St Ives today, I am just about to unscrew another cork and ease off the Cornish pasty I had at lunchtime and the afternoon Cornish cream tea before we head out for dinner… Ah, the rigours of life, eh?

I am certain this won’t be the only clip for a blog entry I post this week… 🙂