The sun has arrived here on the south coast and it is amazing how it transforms the landscape and also how people seem to be uplifted…

Is it because we only have it for part of each year that we love it so much when it arrives? Would we get tired of having the sun all year around? I simply love the changing seasons, I love seeing what happens in my garden throughout the year and how we adjust our lives, routines and schedules to fit in with the season.

Here, Mrs Eason and I eat fruit, vegetables and salads grown in the garden, drink the produce from the fruit trees from last year, we sit out late, picnic and have a different attitude altogether. My own fitness training changes, my work schedule changes and the long sleeves become a thing of the past for a while…

Those that yearn for the sun when the nights draw in during our Winter months might consider using some self-hypnosis and engage the imagination to get some sunshine in their minds… Though the vitamin D intake will be less, it’ll stave off some of those pangs for the sun on your skin.

I don’t like to sit in the sun too much, I mean, have you seen my complexion? If I sit in it too long, I turn red and prickly, which some may say is a phrase that befits me usually, but I think you know what I mean. However, I do like to be out in it and this year, we have our own beach hut on the sea front and have parties planned and I shall be consuming plenty of barbequeue food, doubtless to say.

Today is not much of a blog entry… More of a gentle ramble… Just a short one as I will be having my first weekend away from teaching for 4 weeks and some much needed time off, and the sunshine I ordered to coincide with that has arrived on time.

Wherever you are in the world, enjoy the weekend… and to everyone here in the UK, I hope you love this sunshine and the mood it is creating, I’ll be back on the hypnosis topic next week 🙂