Whilst demonstrating the use of professional touching in therapy when anchoring and other appropriate times on the course I am currently running, a conversation ensued about how some people were not comfortable with touching other people… It became apparent that some tend to pull away from everyone… I think that is a real shame, don’t you?

People without any kind of felt touch in their life often end up sleeping on opposite sides of the bed with your backs to each other with one of you in a deep sleep (maybe snoring) and the other staring into the darkness wondering if this is what they want in life… When a person strolls through life one moment hoping no one will speak to you or touch you and the next moment feeling painfully alone.

Then there are those that a touch has been a bad thing and triggers unpleasantness… Maybe they were hit out at in anger; Maybe they’ve been ridiculed; Maybe something worse… A good healing touch can sometimes be just what is needed.

There are those that enjoy and embrace a sense of touch… It becomes that sensation you get when you see the smile of someone you love after being away, when all you see is each other; when you spoon in bed; that gentle touch you see between older couples when one taps the other on the arm to point out something they both enjoyed in the past; when you help your ageing parents walk to the car from a restaurant; when a loving wife of 60 years gently rubs her husband’s arm while the morphine drip is attached and tells him, “Just breathe through your nose and all the pain will all go away.”

We joked on the course earlier this week because Keith hugged a bunch of my course delegates when he popped in to do some filming… he said, “I’m doing what Adam does with everyone…”

For those that are comfortable with it, it is lovely to hug, embrace and feel touched by one another… It is a connection that is simply unrivalled in any other way, at least I think so…