I think sometimes, the world of hypnosis and a deep absorption in it, such as I have, can lead our heads into the clouds somewhat… that is, we work with our imaginations, minds (whatever they are!) and lots of other things that are not always perceived as tangible.

At the end of last year, my most recent set of individual hypnosis sessions that were made available for sale included a title on having an out of body experience… Well, a perception of such.

Despite all of this, I would hasten to add that I believe life is not meant to be an out of body experience.

You know what? Even aside from the world of hypnosis and working with the mind and imagination… Sometimes we get very busy and caught up in our thoughts and engage in multi tasking routines that we forget to check in and see what our body is doing or saying to us.

So in todays blog, I have simply organised a simple test for you to see how aware you actually are of your body. Designed to see if you are capable of being in your body…

1 – So firstly… How often do you notice the quality of your breathing? Right now, are you aware if it’s shallow, deep, relaxed, short or varied? Take a deep breath right now.

2 – How often do you consciously pause from what you are doing to take a few deep, full, relaxing breaths? Not because you are sighing at something, but because you chose to do it on purpose?

3 – How often do you scan your body to connect with how you are really feeling? For example do you check to see if your tummy is relaxed or if your shoulders are hunched up, or to see if your jaw and hands are relaxed, etc?

4 – When you feel an uncomfortable sensation, pain or emotion in your body, is your tendency to tune into it for a length of time and listen to what it may be telling you or do you ignore or try to get rid of the feeling immediately? maybe reach straight for the pain-killing tablets?

5 – Would you say you have a body friendly vocabulary or do you say things like, “I could just kick myself for doing that,” or, “That woman gives me a head ache,” or, “Going to work is a pain in the neck?” Or, do you even say more personally critical things like, “I hate my body?” If you do say them, are you aware of when you say them or is it mostly an unconscious habit? Do you say things like that often or on rare occasions?

6 – Are you aware of how congruent your words and body language are? Do you notice when your mouth is saying one thing and your body is communicating something completely different? Do you actually stop to notice how you’re feeling when you’re telling others how you’re doing? How often do you catch it or do you not even notice how you are? Do you act “fine” or even cheerful when you feel your stomach is nervous, your chest is tight, or your jaw is clenched?

7 – When you make decisions, whether they are small or large, do you take a moment to consult with how your body feels before you decide, or do you just use your mind? For instance, do you check in with your gut or heart or a “feeling” or mostly just use your brain and/or get a thoughtful sense?

8 – On a scale of one to ten, how comfortable do you generally feel in your own skin? How consciously connected are you to your body, its signals, posture, habits and messages that it broadcasts?

So have you got a good relationship with your body? Are you aware of how your body is? Do you think you could benefit from having more time inside of your body instead of up in the clouds?

I love self-hypnosis, I love hypnosis, I love to be busy and be engaged in my thoughts… In equal amounts though, we need to get grounded and connect with our main vehicle too, I’d recommend it and it’ll enhance the way you feel when you are having some time away in those clouds…