Big Announcement Today: We are unveiling our brand, spanking new online hypnotherapy training!

Sound the fanfares!!

Ok, so I am enormously proud that we are today offering as completely available, our newly refurbished and fully functional Platinum level members area. The reason I am so excited is because it now offers a full online hypnotherapy training for those with some hypnotherapy training or not.

There are 10 modules worth of video footage from my 20 day hypnotherapy training first and foremost, but then you also get hours of footage from my rapid inductions seminar too. There are over 60 hours of video training currently and more is coming.

As part of the platinum membership area, you also get access to every other level of membership too, which includes just about every single audio product I have ever created, every podcast ever recorded, every article ever written and loads of bonus video clips from courses and classes.

It is a full on education to the field of effective hypnosis and hypnotherapy training.

For those that want more than this, we also have our updated additional membership level aimed at mentoring and business development for hypnotherapists in our mentoring level of membership which includes many hours of audio training and ongoing webinars on ensuring that you run a successful business in the hypnotherapy field.

I see lots of people offering such services who claim to help you be successful, but they don’t seem all that successful themselves. We are. We have a very busy and profitable hypnotherapy based business and we show you how to go about doing the same if you want it. There is no bullcrap about imagining things and they’ll happen or looking to higher powers for divine intervention in your business – this is laser beam instruction and solid experience from us who have run a successful business in this field for many, many years now and continue to grow and develop year on year.

So if you want to learn about being a fabulous hypnotherapist and hypnosis professional, or if you want to learn how to build a successful hypnotherapy business, then come and explore these new levels of membership we are offering.

Do go and look at some of what is included and listed on the sales page for the new Platinum area, I have only had time to jot a few bits down, but the page will continue to show more of what’s included. You’ll see that this level of membership is specifically aimed at hypnotherapists or students of hypnotherapy.

It is at an introductory price for a very limited time. Come dip your toes in and I am certain you’ll be pleased you did.

It is rare that my blog entries just plug what we do, but it is one of those days toady. Come join us in the Platinum area and become an effective, or even more effective hypnotherapist.