Every day I seem to get someone showing me that another ‘celebrity’ is using hypnosis to help do something. I don’t really understand celebrity, though this is a discussion for another day, however people do seem to be influenced by the behaviours, actions and lives of celebrities.

Even if we disagree with what they do, celebrities seem to get people talking, commenting and having opinions. Is celebrity a hypnotic influence in itself?

Anyhow, the real reason for me highlighting this hypnosis article in todays Sun newspaper, is that it does demonstrate — in amongst all the issues we seem to be facing with rising obesity — that when you apply your mind you can make some amazing changes. 

I am not sure if Jade Goody is actually a size 10, however, she looks a lot healthier and slimmer than she used to. Basically, you don’t need to spend huge wads of cash on fancy diets. Jade went on a boot camp, heck, you don’t even need to do that — you just need to have some motion — the kind that uses up more calories than you are consuming. Then you do cut out the take-aways, eat healthily and learn how to apply your mind.   

Now I am not even suggesting that the way to do this must be hypnotherapy… I am biased and think it is the way people should go, however…

We all have something truly amazing, magical, brilliant and all those other fabulous superlatives I could use — inside our heads! Now, I don’t want to insult Jade Goody here; we all know she is not exactly going to be a brain surgeon, don’t we? However, she has learned how to apply herself and how to start making more of that mind and brain that we have.

One thing you have to hand to her — she has taken one heck of a lot of big hits in life during her ‘celebrity’ rise to fame — and yet she comes back for more. That shows some grit. I am no Jade Goody fan and I dislike our celebrity culture here in the UK, however, I think there is something very valuable to be learned here.