I’m back in the office after a few days away camping with my wife, children, some great friends and our dogs. I love it, I just love it.

We walked the dogs through forests and saw some of the best views of Dorset I have ever encountered, we ate far too much, we drank far too much, the sun shone, we had fun in the swimming pool, the kids made friends with other campers, we visited Dorset Volksfest as it was close to our campsite and caught some live music as well as enjoying all the VW vans (and getting ideas about what to do with our own!) and oh so much more… We were sad to pack up and leave.

This morning, when they got out of bed and got ready for school, the kids both told me how much they loved camping. It was good to get away, it was good to be out in the fresh air non-stop, to be close to nature and to have some real quality time with my friends and family. I am back in the office and catching up now for all those of you who have been in touch.

Here are a couple of pictures.

1. While at Volksfest, I bought a t-shirt with a picture of my own van on it, as you do….

2. Possibly the coolest cocktail bar I’ve ever been to….

3. Some beautiful rusty VW aircooled vans!

4. Our lightbox set up for the table in our tent entrance (we do love our gin!):

5. Steaks and halloumi fresh off the BBQ:

6. My babies enjoying some live music entertainment:

7. Our cockapoos getting a well deserved treat:

8. Beautiful dog walking scenery:

9. Splashing around and cooling down with my kids in the pool, my wife trying not to get her phone wet when taking the picture!:

I’ll be back on this blog very soon, got lots of great new articles coming up with a very particular theme.