So I joked at last nights hypnotherapy peer support group that the school kids in Bournemouth were fed up with being the only ones in the country that had to attend school due to our good weather… And then it snowed all night, several centimetres of it.

In fact, I had to take my car home for fear of being snowed in at work today, so am currently working from home, though I have managed to enjoy my lunch break throwing snowballs, sledging and watching my friend Robin snow board through a local park in Bournemouth… Who’d have thought it!??

[qikvideo id=”97459aa381b9416eb16a741a1e498139″]

I hope you appreciate my Alan Partridge style commentary! 😉

Snow is not welcome for the chaos it causes, but at the same time, it is absolutely beguiling, isn’t it?

You should see how our cat looks at it when he gets up in the morning! And what about the excitement it brings children? And how utterly beautiful it makes the landscape look? And just how much fun is it to throw snowballs?

According to reports, it’ll all be washed away by rain and warmer weather this weekend, so I am enjoying it while I can, it is so rare to get it here! I will throw some more snowballs before the day in through, that’s for sure!