Yes indeed… I have written to a famous UK Agony Aunt…

“What… Clare Rayner, Adam?”

No, not Clare Rayner OBE….

“Ok, then it has to be ‘Dear Deidre’ then Adam?”

No, it is not the shining star of Deidres casebook fame in the SUn newspaper…

Ok, I’ll let you know who it is… Yes indeed, it is the legend that is Dr Miriam Stoppard…  The Daily Mirror’s expert on health, sex, relationships and family and author of more than 50 books.

“What on earth have you written to her for Adam?”

Well, what an enquiring mind you have today… Let me explain…

No, I am not unsure about the funny feelings I get now that I am going through puberty.

No, I am not worried about my stagnant sex life and looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

No, I am not unsure about the flirty advances of the office stud.

In fact, I wrote a comment on a hypnosis and hypnotherapy article by Dr Miriam Stoppard… Who is a recently converted hypnotherapy advocate of the highest order! Yay!

What has delighted me is that Dr Miriam is not just flat out cheering on Hypnotherapy without any evidence, she notes that there is little evidence and research to support hypnotherapy in aiding weight reduction, yet she disucsses it and goes on to state:

I used to be a sceptic, then years ago I took part in a TV programme where pregnant women were taught self-hypnosis to help them sleep.

Determined to prove it didn’t work, I tried it out myself at home — and promptly dropped off. Now I use it every night.

Since then I’ve been interested in its various uses and I’ve seen it help women combat pain — and stay in control — during childbirth.

I love to read of people who set out with a particular mindset and actually discover the truth and benefits. Dr miriam is also an advocate with an accurate way of explaining hypnosis, unlike the vast majority of popular media:

Hypnosis is a powerful, natural and safe state of relaxation where we’re fully awake and in control.

And, believe it or not, we all enter into it several times a day — for instance, you may have got up, eaten breakfast and made your way to work without thinking about everything you did consciously.

You’re on autopilot but still fully aware of what’s going on.

We also have to go through state of hypnosis when we fall asleep every night — in fact, it’s impossible to drop off without it.

As you enter this state, your conscious mind moves into the background, while your subconscious comes forward. This is when your mind is at its most suggestible and the hypnotherapist can get to work, helping to allay your fears and anxieties.

It’s also possible to do this yourself, either by listening to a CD or going through a script in your mind.

Of course, the best way to learn self-hypnosis for yourself is something you regular readers are aware of… I am just delighted to read Dr Miriam’s insightful descriptions… Is this the same Daily Mirror that she writes for… The one trying to turn the country into bad language nazis?

AND… She remains a realist…

Despite claims, there’s no reliable research that hypnotherapy can work for stopping smoking, phobias, headaches and back pain. But it’s looking good in these areas

Oh come on Dr Miriam… There is plenty of good, reliable research out there… Scan this blog and you’ll come across loads… You went and burst the bubble with that comment… I was on the verge of ordering an “I love Dr Miriam” fan club t-shirt!

She does quote some good stuff related to hypnotherapy helping overcome insomnia and looks at other applications.

All in all, a really rather refreshing display of hypnotherapy portrayal in popular media which has me delighted this morning…

Hahaha… I am well chuffed that I got to mention Clare Rayner, Dear Deidre and Miriam Stoppard in my blog all at once… 🙂