On Saturday night, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra played Sci-Fi tunes from Star Wars to ET and Star Trek to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with the back drop of fireworks and us all waving out light sabres in the air… It was marvellous.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the Birthday wishes, kind comments and messages I received by email, in the post and on social networking sites… It was actually overwhelming and all warmly received and greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂

As we set up our picnic table and got it burtsting with meats, salads, cakes, wine and champagne… Before the sun set for the concert, I got into a minor fracas with some stormtroopers… Apparently they said I owed Jabba the Hutt some money and the Empire were in league with the Hutt family as they needed safe passage for local space trading routes, they also suggested I had connections with the republic and I was to be taken away for questioning… I put up a bit of a fight when they first appeared on the scene:

Sadly, though, they overcame my resistance and were about to take me away….

Come on lads, it’s my birthday“… I managed to spend some time in discussion with them, and offered them up a piece of my homemade tortilla espanola that I had cooked and added to the picnic bounty and they began to soften up:

Then I told them that if they left me alone and pretend they never saw me, that they’d also get some of my sci-fi birthday cake some friends had given me earlier in the day:

Naturally, they could not resist. They set me free, went on their way and we all managed to carry on and have a wonderful time.

So my thanks again, I had a spectacular time… I’ll be back blogging on topic again tomorrow…

Have a fabulous day.