It has been a marvellous weekend… Nottingham Forest won their third league game in a row and we are rising out of the league table relegation zone now, much to my relief…

I got to spend some lovely time with my wife and some good friends and family and I feel well with the world this morning.

Over the weekend, the newspapers are still steaming ahead with all kinds of New Year health programmes… Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have got their fair share of mentions here and there. Let me illustrate…

In this article in Sundays Observer, they are listing 10 well-known ex-addicts and among them they mention Fergie from the Black-eyed peas, who I have mentioned a great deal here previously:

4: Fergie

Ms Humps, below, overcame a crystal meth addiction using hypnotherapy. Now puts all her “heart and creativity” into the worthy cause of “designing” handbags.

Then this article in Sunday’s Mirror suggests that if you are a Pisces star sign, you’d do well to have hypnotherapy:

You’re adaptable and imaginative like fellow Piscean Eva Longoria Parker, but your emotional nature and lack of willpower make dieting difficult. Supplement any plan with an alternative therapy like hypnotherapy that tackles your feelings about food.

What wonderful weekend news paper coverage we had enjoyed, eh? 😉

Ok, I have a busy day ahead and best had get on with it… Tomorrow I am discussing intelligence and am likely to rattle some cages, so I’ll start the week off easily today.