I am delighted to announce that we are able to accept pre-orders for my latest book ‘Hypnosis For Running” – hooraah! Pre-Order your copy here today.


The reviews we have had to date and the response to the book has taken my breath away and I am so proud to be able to offer it for sale as of today. The running community is embracing it and that means a great deal to me.

For anyone who orders the book in the next week, you’ll get it delivered in 2-3 weeks time, but we’ll reward your patience with 4 new hypnosis audio tracks for free and send you on the full Hypnosis For Running 16 week audio programme free of charge too. The book is £14.77 plus P&P and this offer will last one single week and won’t be repeated.

Every book purchased during this offer will be personally signed by me too. Wooo! (You’ll get at least a fiver for it on ebay as a result)

Grab your copy here today!

If you’d like to read the foreword to the book, then please just read this article: Foreword to Hypnosis For Running By Gary Turner. 

You can see the front cover from my picture, but here is what is written on the back cover:

Hypnosis for Running: Training Your Mind To Maximise Your Running Performance is an evidence based book for all distance runners from ultramarathon runners and seasoned athletes to beginners and those competing for the first time. It offers a wide range of ways to adopt mental strategies and improve running performance.

Contained within this book is a wide array of goal setting principles and techniques, cognitive strategies, mental imagery processes and of course self-hypnosis tuition. This work draws upon conventional sports psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy and various other approaches combined with the author’s lifetime of experience using and researching self-hypnosis.

The runner is shown how to be motivated, control arousal levels, get in the zone, engage in mindfulness and gain a comprehensive insight into proven methods of running faster and better using your mind.


Adam Eason has been running marathons since 2000. In that time he has run some very fast marathons and some very slow ones. He has run flat, fast courses in big Cities and hilly, energy sapping marathons in the middle of nowhere. He has relied on his mental skills to help him throughout.

As a UK Athletics registered and licensed running coach as well as a clinical hypnotherapist, this book combines two of his great passions.

Author of a number of books on the subject of hypnosis, creator of many hypnosis audio programmes that sell globally, and principal of a prominent hypnotherapy training school, he has lectured on the subjects of hypnosis and self-hypnosis around the world.

He lives with his family on the South Coast of England where he loves to run along the sea front.


What more could you ask for, eh? We’ll be posting reviews here soon, because some incredibly impressive runners and coaches from the running world have been saying some great things about the book. If you want to get your hands on a copy and grab a load of audio goodies to go with it, then now is the time to do that and here is the place to get it before it goes on Amazon and goes on public release and this deal will no longer be available.

Run along and order a copy today! 🙂