So, you have to excuse me for mentioning this article, but I was not sure whether to laugh or cry if I am honest…

When reading this article at The Sun online, I was alerted to it because the chap writing to Agony Aunt Deidre, is wanting a bigger manhood — he has tried hypnotherapy with little effect apparently.

I have worked with lots of men in relation to this, there is a bit of research out there howing the effects of hypnosis on growth of the penis as well as womens breasts and I know lots of other therapists, here and in the UK, that have successful results with this application of hypnosis.

However, this is not the reason for me flagging up this article — If this chap did go to see hypnotherapist and stated something along the lines of what he has in this article:

“I’d rather be dead than accept my size.”

What, what, what?!

That hypnotherapist did not think that maybe it as worth talking to the chap about getting some therapy? How on earth could the hypnotherapist have just treated him for enlarging his willy without actually offering some help with the chaps state of mind — dealing with the issue relating to his ex-partner, accepting himself for who and how he is and so on….

Crazy stuff… Ok, I’ll get on to the high brow stuff again very soon. I have not seen Dear Deidre in years… How funny!