Today I had not planned to write anything on the blog as I prepare for a weekend of my hypnotherapy training diploma and am very busy with the year getting underway.

Though I found it impossible to avoid my usual routine of ploughing through my Google alerts over at Google reader and seeing what is being written online about the subjects of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and so on.

And the big breaking news this morning was that one particular hypnosis website thinks Coronation Street actress should seek out hypnotherapy to stop smoking… Yes indeed because Beverley Callard (aka Liz McDonald on the Street) has told a couple of showbiz websites that she can’t stop smoking, one hypnosis website jumped on this to write about and suggest she use hypnotherapy. That was the big news.

I found this to be disappointing.

Earlier this week, January the 4th was World Hypnotism day. I saw and read of a handful of guys in the US giving free demonstrations or running teleseminars to educate on the the subject of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but if I was not involved in this field, I would never have known such a day even existed.

When I enquired to a number of my friends who are very active online in other fields, nothing about World Hypnotism day had reached them at all.

Again, I got disappointed.

The vast majority of the articles that are posted online in the field of hypnosis each day are not really articles. They are mini-sales letters attempting to pose as news of some kind.

“Local hypnotherapist causes man to go into trance”

“You are feeling sleeepy, says local woman and ex-recruitment consultant turned part-time hypnotherapist”

These articles are just a bland way of attempting to get some PR.

Then we have articles that are something like 250 words telling what hypnosis can be used for and if we want to learn more we just need to call upon the services of John Smith hypnotherapist on his mobile number!??

It disappoints me and has caused me to whinge on a day when I was not going to write at all. Which some may prefer, I appreciate that.

The people that simply spend a couple of weeks proliferating the web with this sort of tripe do not have enduring careers in the field. They just don’t. They do not get masses of responses to this kind of thing. They do not drum up lots of valuable business.

People that offer up information… More than that, information of value…. Information that can be used for some personal or professional benefit, where the articles actually stimulate some interest, generate some enthusiasm, pique some interest and intrigue… These are the people that are thriving in this field.(I hasten to add that there are some fabulous bloggers in this field and some brilliant educators whose work I follow regularly)

People who show some personality thrive online, not those playing out some mundane role of how they think a hypnotherapist should be.

If I did not know where to go to find the hypnotherapists whose work I enjoy reading each week, I would think the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy were all about these hundreds of short-lived dull, boring, outmoded hypnotherapistswriting equally inane, insipid things that get posted online en masse each day, that google picks up and lists.

I guess if even I am bombarded with that stuff, then many a first encounter for anyone potentially interested in exploring the field of hypnosis is going to be met with that stuff too… and isn’t that a shame?

Where are the personalities? Where is the effort? Where is the thought provoking, stimulating writing? Where are those educating about the field, not just offering up some generic bland mind-numbing articles that bore the hell out of 99% of human beings?

… And it is really raining outside!


Ok, todays whinge is out there, it’s done… Phew, that’s better.. Cathartic *exhales loudly*… I’ll be back writing tomorrow.