It is that time of year again… Easter. A time of much religious significance.

According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected from the dead three days after his crucifixion. Many Christian denominations celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday, two days after Good Friday which is today… I am running my hypnotherapy training diploma this weekend, so will not get to reflect on the high importance of this religious festival on my blog any other day than today… Easter also marks the end of Lent, a season of prayer and penance.

As with so many people, I shall be commemorating this significant religious time of year…

By eating chocolate eggs.


Yes indeed, I already am in possession of two Lindt chocolate bunnies… I save the ears until last as they are thick and heaviest and undoubtedly the yummiest part…

We also have others lined up on the side for my nephew and niece when they come to visit on Bank Holiday monday… So they cn also celebrate this religiosly significant time of year… By eating chocolate eggs.


I was not going to blgo at all today… Iwas going to have a day off as so many people do on Good Friday… But as I breakfast on my toasted hot cross bun and cup of tea, deciding what part of my garden to tend to first today (I drool over the prospect of a day in the garden), browsing the latest wordly news on my laptop, researching stories of significance in my field, keeping my nose at the forefront of the psychological and therapeutic world… i came across one story that I had to share. Let me tell you all about it… 

The significance of this story is made all the more important because of the time of year. This article in the Daily Express today states:

SUSAN Newton’s friends think she is cracking up — because of her bizarre phobia of fried eggs.

The beauty therapist is so petrified of seeing the yellow and white sizzler it makes her ill.

She is able to stomach eggs which are boiled or scrambled but is terrified of eggs which are fried.

“My friends think it is madness but I completely freak out with the sight of fried eggs,” she said.

“They look like an evil eye. The whole thing just looks evil, distrustful and greasy.”

Her fear has become so bad that even a quick glance at one makes her feel physically sick and even faint.

“A friend of mine had a picture on Facebook of them cooking a fried egg — I had to stick a post-it over it so I couldn’t see it,” she said.
Susan, 39, says she is afraid of going into restaurants and cafe’s in case she spots her greasy nemesis lurking on a plate.

“I can’t go to restaurants because I am afraid of seeing a fried egg,” she said.

“I do anything in my power not to come into contact with them because I am unable to control the feelings that overtake me.”

The mother-of-one believes her phobia started around 20 years ago when having a meal at a friend’s house.

“My friends decided to make a fried egg sandwich which I believe is where my fear began,” she said.

“It was the nastiest, greasiest-looking sandwich I had ever seen and I remember the fried egg was hanging out of it, the yolk was running down the side, and it was burnt at the edges.

“It still haunts me to this day.”

Over the past twenty years Susan, who also has a phobia of birds, has also been tormented by people who have failed to recognise the extent of her unusual fear.

“I don’t like to tell anyone about my fear because people see it as a joke. One of my friends thought it would be funny to creep up on me whilst I was cooking bacon and to crack an egg into the pan, I ended up tipping the pan and badly burning my hand.

“I would be violent to anyone who tried to show me or pull me towards a fried egg, so I now make sure I keep an egg free zone.”

Article ends.

But how will they celebrate this significant, religious, moveable, religious feast that is Easter if they are an egg free zone? Maybe the phobia does not extend to chocolate eggs… Lets hope, eh? 😉

I do not joke about anyone that has a phobia. However, you have to laugh at the human mind sometimes, don’t you? What a crazy thing it can be!

We all have within us the capacity to find something so innocuous so fearful, that it can cause us to physically collapse! That is crazy isn’t it? That a fried egg can represent such a threat to someone!

I wish you a tremendously happy Easter time… Make sure you fully understand and respect the religious significance of this annual, poignant celebration… By scoffing chocolate eggs!


I’ll be back next week 🙂