Last night before dozing off in bed, my wife and I watched a bit of a channel 4 documentary about Dodi Al Fayed. It was one of those that was supposedly uncovering the ‘real man’ and telling us who he was… I am not entirely sure fit hat happened… But we childishly giggled at the bit whereby his former personal assistant suggested that he was a good lover… She had heard so — directly heard and heard via others opinions.

Well, he got a lot of practice to do so by all accounts… Man, the list of famous women (and the not so famous) was massive… What a Casanova! What a lethario!

So where am I going with all this today. Let me tell you…

According to this article in the Times this week, wealthy men give women more orgasms. Through my beloved field of hypnosis and the benefits it has on people, I always believe the biggest sexual organ is the brain and so the rammifications of this research intrigue me massively.

Sooo, back on subject: “wealthy men give women more orgasms

Blimey that is one heck of a generalisation, even if it’s supported by the usual pseudo-scientific research that proliferates popular media and which is such a rich source of amusement and inspiration for me here at my blog 🙂

Certainly the 100+ comments on the Times article uniformly seem to agree that this ludicrous generalisation is “a pile of rubbish.” Putting it politely. I am still sitting on the fence though… I mean, I am rather wealthy… 😉

According to one reader, A Walton of Leicester, England: “That means in America and Britain, there will be a lot of disappointed ladies this year. Perhaps they should form a hit squad against Brown and Bush: for ruining there (sic) love life.

Hahahahaha… Honestly, only my brother, Bill Hicks, and Radio Four’ Friday night comedy show make me laugh this much! (The comments on this article are hilarious in my opinion)

These statistics certainly don’t leave room for the variables I’ve seen in my years of practicing therapy. I’m not a researcher so my opinions are based on my therapeutic experience and whatever common sense I may have… And I’ve heard one or two women claim that money is an aphrodisiac… And one or two men!

Women may be receptive, but that doesn’t mean they’re passive. In fact, passive women often have more difficulty having orgasm than active and assertive women, for a host of reasons.

Sex is a two-person experience, isn’t it? So a woman who feels she is not an active participant or does not want to be actively participating, will have difficulty experiencing orgasm, no? I also think women who feel better about themselves have better and more frequent orgasms and it is the ability to be actively receptive and take responsibility for her part in meeting her needs that allows her ongoing sexual satisfaction in a relationship.

Women who are anorgasmic due to inadequate knowledge, use of SSRI’s, religious or cultural proscriptions, span the range of socioeconomic class and men who are anorgasmic have similar etiologies and exist among all income groups. The same holds true for men.

There’s also a question about what defines wealth. I don’t think a man who measures his self worth based on income necessarily feels powerful and strong. I’m certain that there are men in all income brackets who feel good about themselves and make love to their women in a way that helps bring them to orgasm. There are men who are blessed with a wealth of intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, and kindness in all income brackets that arouse a woman in a satisfying way.

Pornography seems to be riddled with male arrogance in sex relationships… Apparently… A bloke down the pub told me… Ahem…

Arrogance is the opposite of humility and excessive self-importance is synonymous with what we tend to refer to as ego. I’m not speaking about the clinical use of ego, but rather the vernacular use of the word ego, which is defined by grandiosity and contempt for others.

In my in-depth work in the field of self-esteem development has led me to think of a big ego as something of a paradox: The bigger the ego, the worse the self-esteem. I am a life-long sufferer of this paradox.

An out of control ego can hurt you in any area of your life. Ego can be helpful to men in business and in love, but when his ego is out control, he’ll possibly fail in both areas of life.

It has been a very active week here on the blog and has stimulated much discussion in my members area, on facebook (this blog gets posted there automatically) and by the numerous emails I am getting… A couple of important things to point out from the week just gone…

If you are tall — you are more intelligent.
If you are wealthy — you give more orgasms.
If you want to be a groundbreaking president — get wise to the internet.

Man oh man… Bill Gates much be smiling big time this week! 😉

Have a fabulous weekend… 🙂