It is dominating internet news headlines… Batman star Christian Bale was arrested this week in London.

Christian Bale used to live in my area… Yes indeed, here in Bournemouth… A friend of my wife used to go to McDonalds with him when they were young and they recall when he filmed Empire Of The Sun.

What is dominating the headlines is not the fact that my wife met him as a youth, but that he was charged with assault by his mother Louise and sister Sharon this week. Sharon told enquiring reporters “It’s a family matter,” and refused further comment. What has this got to do with my recent ongoing theme of prosperity consciousness? Let me tell you…

The family feud allegedly went from verbal assault to physical abuse on the eve of the film premiere of the new Batman film, Dark Knight… Which I can’t wait to see… There’s now loads of controversy and commentary all over the Internet about the veracity of these allegations, with frequent references to disputes over Bale’s fathers’ estate and money in general.

It’s unclear what this particular dispute was about, but it is noteworthy that it occurred at a moment in history that should have been a joyous time for Bale and his family: the premiere of the Dark Knight, with Bale playing Batman, the good guy, to great reviews by critics and the public alike. One thing is clear, however, Bale’s mother and sister certainly managed to rain on his parade.

The Bale family drama, like that of many of my clients, is sure to emanate from years of accumulated history. Family estrangement is often driven by envy and manifests itself when one family member has propelled themselves into a different socio-economic class.

Bale becoming a mega movie star and household word could have brought the family good feelings but envy and most likely greed turned the excitement of the film premiere into more celebrity gossip for the media and public to latch onto. And how it is lapped up by those desperate for celebrity gossip.

Bale certainly doesn’t fit into a stereotype of “mother and sister beater” with his lack of colourful celebrity gossip material or his history of being a vegetarian and animal rights activist. The public knows this I think and respects Bale as a dignified, discreet and talented artist. Besides which, Bale is Batman, the good guy through and through… Yeah!

My Dad was one of many brothers and sisters that grew up in relative poverty on a farm. My Grandfather worked 7 days a week — including Christmas day — from 5am until 6pm for pennies, and in much hardship. My Dad hated the way he was treated by his employers. My Dad was the only one of his brothers and sisters to think it important to (and take it on himself) go to Grammar School, to learn, to perform and to break the mould.

He went on to set up his own business and make a good living for himself so he could buy his parents a better home in their retirement and a better quality of life for his own family. Many of his brothers had the thought process of “we may not be rich but at least we’re honest” and shunned the idea of elevating their own financial wealth. They also lost part of their close relationship with my Dad as their consciousness was so different in later years…

Today, my ezine comes out… and today as this ‘Adam Up‘ edition is the final one in the current series focusing on prosperity and developing a mindset that welcomes wealth and refuses to believe the media’s insistence that we are in recession and should act accordingly! I refuse to be hypnotised by such notions!

You’ll see from past related articles at this blog in recent weeks and certainly from the emails I have been receiving, there are many mixed feelings about money, how we relate to it and who we are in relation to it … and as a result of it; it has been fascinating.

If you are subscribed to my ezine, when you read todays final installment, please have think about how you would relate to family member if they elevated their own socio-economic status or went on to levels of wealth most people dream of… How would you respond? Genuinely? What about unconsciously? You see, the honest answer may well give you some valuable insight and help you in the journey onward toward that prosperity mindset I have been talking about over recent weeks. 🙂

For the record… Katie is going to see Kylie next Tuesday night… I am going to see the Dark Knight in action… Yay!