Well I wrote briefly bout it last year and I thought I’d mention it again today because while I was podcasting at iTunes I noticed ll the plugs for COldplay’s new album being exclusively released there.

Then I read an article about how they recorded a song whilst formally hypnotised. I was intrigued….

Here is what this hypnosis article at the Daily Record newspaper qutoes members of Coldplay saying:

Guy, 30, the Kirkcaldy-born bassist reveals they even made a song under hypnosis.

He said: “I was trying to give up smoking. I suggested to Brian (Eno, who produced the album) that I might try a hypnotherapist and Brian said’oh well, I was at art college with this guy who’s now a hypnotherapist and I could give you his number’. I thought ‘ok, well maybe I’ll try that’.

“And then I suggested ‘why don’t we get him to come into the studio and hypnotise us all and see what happens’.

“Brian loved the idea and we tried it.

“We did but it wasn’t really like ‘1,2,3, you’re under’. It was more a kind of relaxing hypnosis.

“When we went down and played, it was just a sort of long, ambient piece that resulted.

“I’m not sure if it’ll ever see the light of day to be honest, but it exists.”

I want to hear that song if they ever release it… Maybe it sounds like something the Grateful Dead might do? 😉

As I said, I am intrigued… Just the notion is hypnotising me with possibilities…

Well, the sun is shining beautifully here and this weekend I am running my hypnotherpay training diploma at a hotel on the sea front as I do each month — I love running it and we have lots of fun, so I am assured of a fabulous weekend… WHich I hope you have too.

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