We have been just a bit quieter than usual on the hypnosis blog here this past week. Mainly because I have been so busy. My latest book has just been completed and about to be published, we have been making changes at Facebook, I have a busy daily client and student schedule and I have a busy training schedule currently at the school… Last Friday I ran my final self-hypnosis seminar of the day, which was wonderful, great fun and we had a fabulous group of students who really embraced the subject matter.

Then this weekend, I had the final module of the year with regards to this year’s ongoing hypnotherapy diploma course. They are shaping up into a marvellous group indeed. Here they are in all their glory:

And one them even brought in some fabulous mince pies which got readily consumed. My first of the year (Thanks Kam – they were delicious!):

With this years diploma, I am delighted to have such a great team of course assistants too. Jill, Lindsay, Steve, Gareth and Helen have been exceptional this year and we had Christmas drinks and dinner together Mexican style on Saturday evening after we finished in class:

because Gareth and Helen were slightly obscured in the previous picture, here they are in all their Sombrero and Moustache glory:


We also made full use of the crayons and paper provided at tables, as Lindsay drew us a beautiful portrait of us as a group, which really made our photographs rather redundant:

There’s an alternative career awaiting Lindsay if she ever gets fed up of being a successful hypnotherapist.

So that is what I have been up to, the blog will be back to it’s usual self very soon. We have our peer support group this Wednesday and the IBS seminar closer to Christmas, so it really is a busy festive season for us here…