In the UK, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you cannot have escaped the TV phenomena that is ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ — and whether you love the show or not, there are indeed some wonderfully talented people becoming lodged into our hearts at the moment…

I mean, where on earth else could you see the ‘musical genius’ that is a man playing an imaginary saxophone?! I laugh out loud at Jay the Human Saxophone every time I think about him… He plans to conquer the world… Go for it Jay!

Susan Boyle has become a phenomena in her own right, though our papparazzi and media seem intent on now crushing her back to earth… The instant worldwide fame she has means that she is being hounded everywhere and the tabloid press keep inventing stories about her. She’s not quitting, she’s going to conquer the world too!

The two dance groups (Diversity and Flawless) in Saturdays final are simply amazing, I love them! Could watch them all day… And what with the hilarious father and son duo of Stavros Flatley and the grandfather/granddaughter duo of 2Grand, man, it is going to be some show getting recorded on my Sky+ machine this weekend!

Why am I gushing over this populist show today? Let me explain…

According to this hypnosis article in the Mirror, it states:

Singing pizza delivery man Jamie Pugh plans to use hypnosis to conquer his nerves after crashing out of Britain’s Got Talent.

Jamie, 38, of Blackwood, South Wales, reckons if he can come to terms with the jitters he can make it as a professional singer. He said: “I woke up this morning with fire in my belly and I really want a singing career.

“But first I must find out what is making me so nervous. I’m hoping hypnosis will provide the answer. The judges didn’t see the real me.”

I thought Jamie was and is incredibly talented and I am going to be delighted if he can discover the real depth and quality of his voice by setting himself free of those nerves with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Have a wonderful weekend… The sun is shining here, so I think my garden will be getting some attention at some stage.