I’m not officially in the office today. I sort of popped in to write this and send a couple of important email messages that would not wait until tomorrow. Plus, I’m off on holiday this coming weekend and I’m doing all I can to ensure that my empire does not crumble while I am away – you know what it is like when you are self-employed, you go away for two weeks and think that the world will change dramatically in that short space of time, but actually you return and everything is just as it was!!

I wrote this early this morning on my personal Facebook page:

Today I’m 44 and though that feels old, I’m taking my daughter’s stance on it, she’s 4 and says I’m now two times her age.

I’m delighted she has not yet got a full grasp of maths!!

I also posted this photo on social media, with the following caption…..

My Birthday gifts, I’m detecting a theme.

In amongst all the booze bought for me by my friends and family were 5 different types of gin!! Awesome.

Back when I was 40, I wrote this article about being 40 and loads of it still makes sense and feels relevant to me today.
For Those That Missed It Last Week….

I’m not going to write much else today, I am going to spend the rest of the day with my wife and kids, relax, have too much to eat and drink and then be back tomorrow, writing about important serious stuff.

Until then…..