Today we are rolling it out! Our new online programme aimed specifically at helping hypnotherapists get more clients, earn more money and develop their business online.

Read more about it at this page on my website.

A few months ago, I asked a group of my past and present hypnotherapy students if they would like to join Keith and I for a series of webinars aimed at showing them how to get slick websites up and running, how to the ensure they work to drive more clients their way instead of to competitors, and how to develop a credible and attractive online presence.

Throughout the initial 12 webinars, we showed them how to blog effectively, how to use social media properly, how to market their unique personalities, how to use online free tools that connect people to the world of hypnosis, how to distribute information, build an email distribution list and develop a loyal following, create and distribute audio programmes and much, much more.

We did not just tell them what to do in theory. We actually showed them how to do it. We recorded every single webinar. The audio and video presentation footage from each webinar. Keith then added video explanation clips showing you where and what to click at what times. In a way that even the least of techno savvy people can understand and execute with ease.

We have compiled all of this and created a platinum level of membership designed and aimed at those wishing to develop their online business.

Read more about it at this page on my website.

In todays technological age, it is essential to learn how to make the internet work for you… Yet have you had a look at the vast majority of the websites that hypnotherapists have? Have you seen how they market themselves? Still using the Yellow pages, local newspaper advertisements and so on?

I personally advertise nowhere any more. We market exclusively online and run what we consider to be a thriving business. We want to show other hypnotherapists how to do the same…
You can read all about the programme, see some clips of Keith and I discussing it and take advantage of a very limited offer by clicking on this page here.

Keith and I are not wannabe internet marketing gurus… We are not going to market to you and leave you to fend for yourself once you have invested… Oh no… We are not trying to sell information alone… We want to actually help you… We’ll work with you alongside all the material, we’ll talk to you, we’ll be accountable to you…

We run a very busy website, official Alexa figures suggest we are one of the busiest (if not THE busiest)  hypnotherapist website in the UK. At least we cannot find any hypnotherapist in the UK that gets more traffic than us. With this programme we want to show you exactly what it is that we do each and every day that helps us to have such a successful online presence.

We are not just going to give you the information, we are not going to inundate you with theory, we are not just going to tell you and even explain to you how to do these things… We are going to discuss anything and everything with you at any time you want it as we have a forum set up for you to have constant access to us… We also run a monthly webinar, so that wherever you are in the world, we get together to look at, appraise and discuss your online business and make recommendations and help you develop.

Read more about it at this page on my website.

If you have ever struggled to truly nail online marketing as a hypnotherapist, then this is for you. It is not just theory, it is real-life material, stuff that we do today… Just go and have a read about it, especially as you’ll see a video clip of Keith presenting on stage!… And even if you don’t invest in the full programme, do go and download the free report we are giving away on the page…

I really hope to work with you on this and hope we can help you get to a place you’d really like to be as a professional in the hypnotherapy field.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back on Monday.