In the field of hypnosis, there is an ongoing and running debate whereby those seeking standardised, measurable, evidence based protocols for therapeutic interventions to be most beneficial are contested against thosebelieving that hypnosis is an art form delivered by an artist with their own expression and creativity and so on… I tend to sit on the fence and maintain a balance of each but err towards the evidence based and scientific side fo the fence… If you read this blog regularly or listen to my evidence based hypnosis podcast, you’ll know that.

I am not going to rekindle this debate here, I am on day 7 of a training course and do not have the time to tackle the discussion, though those who join us for the Hypnosis Geek dinner next week will get some exposure to the depth of this debate.

So as a champion of evidence based hypnotherapy and an advocate of healthy scepticism, I promote the notion of critical thinking in this field. Many suggest to me that critical thinking is flawed and we are less creative as a result – I disagree and think it is more creative to consider a wider range of choices and look at information in more depth, etc.

So when one of this weeks updates on the brilliant xkcd website, touched upon this in such a funny way, I had to share it, I think it sums things up perfectly!

I love that!

Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back blogging in my regular fashion next week.