It may sound like an unusual question “are your friends making you poor?” Yet, for many of us, they are. Let me explain…

I can remember a profound moment in my life… I was about to pack in my business because it was not providing me with a good enough living and I was verging on poverty. As a last chance, I started reading about how to be wealthy from lots and lots of success gurus and millionaires.

I know, I should have done this before I began, heck, I was young and naive.

I listened and read lots of stuff by Brian Tracey and one particular thing stuck out on this particular day that changed my life in soooo many ways…

He said that, as an exercise, you should write down the income of the 5 people you have most to do with in your life. I did that. He then advised to add the amount up and divide by 5 to get the average… That figure was an amount that I should expect as my own average income as a result.

I gulped heavily at this prospect.

Now, I am not suggesting that this is true on all levels or that you should live your life by this rule… However, when I looked at the people that I had the most contact with, they were all in debt, poor, with a poverty consciousness, not as successful as they could/should/would have been and all in all, I realised that this was likely to influence me in some way, at some level.

Over a period of time, I consciously chose to build friendships, work alongside and connect with more people that were millionaires, people who were legitimately successful, people who made me laugh, people who were fulfilled, people who had a prosperity mindset and winners (in my opinion) of all kinds… I made lots of new friends and those friendships have served me incredibly well.

For the past couple of weeks and for the rest of this month, my ezine has been focusing on living with a mindset that excels over and above the mindset of those getting caught up with recession talk… I advise you to read it all; there is some gold in there! (You can sign up on most pages on this website)

In keeping with that thread of thought, I wanted to reiterate a point I make in many parts of my work.

In one word — Vacuum.

Let me explain… When I have been skiing and left footprints in any patch of snow, you can bet those footprints were covered up by wind, snow and other footprints and I wouldn’t find them again. When I have been walking on the beaches outside my home or anywhere else in the world, I am sure that you have seen what happens when you leave footprints in the sand on the beach — the sea and the wind soon fills them in.

Nature does not stand for a vacuum. It does not let it go too long without being filled. I can remember the impressions I would get on my face from sucking all the air out of plastic drinks bottles or cups when I was younger. Nature rushes to fill that vacuum. Now since the inherent nature of the universe is good, a vacuum will always be filled with good. So when you need more of something that you are after — create a vacuum. You can apply this principle in so many areas of your life, especially when you are in need of more progressive people influncing your life!

I believe in being an individual wholeheartedly… Yet you cannot not be influenced by those you come into most contact with.

A vacuum is a natural law and learning how to create and use a vacuum is a very powerful thing to do.

If you want some new shoes, simply give some of your old ones to charity. Do the same with old clothes if you want some new ones. If you feel stressed and busy, tidy up or dispose of some of the clutter in your immediate environment, maybe at home or at work. Simply cleaning off your desk, sorting out all that paperwork, picking your clothes up off the floor or making your bed can bring lots more harmony into your life. Cleaning out the bathroom cabinet, a wardrobe or storage cupboard, not to mention the garage, is going to do the same thing. My Mum used to get so much joy when Spring cleaning came around… I used to hate it, my bedroom, my mess, getting disrupted!

So as a first step in the process of creating a vacuum in your life, how about you think about cleaning out a cupboard, your drawers, your briefcase, your work desk, the bathroom cabinet or whatever else, really go and clean one of those out this very day.

This does not only apply to the physical things in life of course.

Letting go of thoughts of hate, lack, guilt, wanting bad things to happen to others or letting go of thoughts of revenge all create a vacuum for hope, joy and happiness to return and flood your heart with well-being. If you are not experiencing all that you want in life, it often means that you are holding on to something that you should be released.

You can use this notion to bring more wealth, confidence, courage, motivation and inspiration into your life. Anything you like.  

You know that you well and truly are surrounded by good everywhere. It is all around us and within us and the universe is poised to fill the gaps with it. The only lack is the lack in your mind. Open your mind to receive whatever you want, create a vacuum to hold it, and you are going to attract it. Mark my words.  

Maybe… Just maybe… And as sad (or heartless) as it may sound… We sometimes hold on to the wrong people in our lives and as we look to move onwards and upwards with our lives… Maybe we need to let go, create a vacuum and let more of the right kinds of people into our lives and refuse to be dragged into recession thought processes as the media attempts to hypnotise us into.

Any riend complaining about the recession right now or worrying about it or allowing themselves to be influenced by the media messages about it… May be someone whose influence you could do without in your life.