Well, I am moving home tomorrow and so will not be able to blog for a little while, so I am signing out for a few days.

Before I do that, I just wanted to mention… recently I wrote about Britney Spears being a media commodity and how her life in the media glare has caused such controversy… Well, our own UK version of a media commodity in recent times has been Amy Winehouse.

Followng her 5 Grammy awards last week, last night at the Brit awards making a comeback to the British stage, she delivered what I consider to be a truly mesmerising performance. Utter hypnosis.

She got a fabulous reception, entered amidst lights and smoke. Awesome.

Not only does she have a unique, incredible, soulful and beautiful voice… not only does she have a look of intrigue and fascination, she moves differently to most people on stage. She moves in a very cool, but quite awkward manner that you can’t take your eyes off… add to that her media persona with the drugs undertones and troubled times, a husband in jail , and she has to be the most hypnotic sight I have seen on TV for a long, long time.

I love Amy Winehouse. I hope she has packed in the drugs for good. She was sensational to watch last night.

What was also sensational to watch this week, was the European football… I think that the Champions league has to be the best quality club football in the world.

This week, Scottish champoions Celtic entertained the mighty Barcelona.They lost 3-2 but gave a spirited performance, twice going into the lead. These kinds of European football evenings put me into a joyous trance… As with many of my male counterparts I think… But there is more to this…

I read this hypnosis article at the Silly Season football website yesterday and guess what?

Yessirree. You Guessed it. Celtic are hiring a hypnotist to enhance their European performance.

Apparently their away form is very poor that they are using a hypnotist to see if the players can imagine that they are playing at home when they are actually playing away! I love that idea!

The article states:

Starting with an away defeat to Juventus in 2001, SPL champions and underachieving wonder-bhoys Celtic have lost 15 of their last 16 away matches in the UEFA Champion’s League. With an away match at Barcelona looming in the distance, this awful away form has left both club officials and the players themselves looking in rather unlikely locations for any competitive advantage. Although their away form in the Champion’s League has been frankly, pitiful, Celtic has remained in good form domestically, and club officials hope that if they were to be convinced that Barcelona was in Scotland, it would greatly improve their chances.

So there you have it, this weeks two most hypnotic experiences… Soon to be bypassed by the that trance of moving home and the glee of unpacking all my boxes and starting a new page in life with my wife-to-be.

I’ll be back in a few days.