This is not much of a blog entry here on my main Hypnosis Blog… It is really a brief notification in case any of you wonder where I have got to at some point next week.

There will not be any blog posts here next week as I shall be in the classroom teaching for 9 consecutive days on my Intensive Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.

Those of you that know me well may choose to follow me around using the new ‘Find My Friends’ app on your iPhones or iPads since the new IOS6 update to see my movements to class each day, and thereafter simply stalk me with it…  I am kidding of course.

I’ll be back here on the Hypnosis blog as of next week as we turn to face a slightly different direction with the material on offer here – we are going to be offering slightly less self-hypnosis techniques for the remainder of the year and offering up more research studies, developments in the field of hypnosis and therapy themes leading up to the release of my two new books at the end of the year and sharing with you some new seminars we’ll be proud to announce.

So have a great week without me here, stay tuned for my return…