So if I am totally honest, I am feeling rather pooped today… Not only am I incredibly busy, I have worked all weekend… The weekend we have just had on my hypnotherapy training diploma is one that tends to be more emotional than others, it involves some of the students really going on a bit of a journey or two and though I love it immensely, it is also challenging for me.

While parading around this weekend, I took a couple of very brief clips with my phone and thought I’d share them here… Here is the real quiet before the storm… My training room here in Bournemouth before I have any students in it.

And here it is when they are all coming back in from lunch and readying themselves for an afternoon under my tutelage… I have to say, these are some of the most amazing people it has ever been my pleasure to encounter…

I know, I know… It is absolutely scintilating stuff at my blog today, eh? 😉

And I quote myself “just for my own prosterity” ??? What on earth does that mean, I invented a word!!