I have quite a bit on this week… What with the Bank holiday weekend having just gone and the fact that I get married on Friday… So this weeks blog entries may be slightly shorter than usual.

Olivier award winning actress Sheila Hancock, a lady who I love on TV and stage, had issues with stage fright and crippling self-confidence?

It is true, in this article in the Independent national newspaper, the article quotes:

This is surely why Hancock shudders at the thought of being a “national treasure”. Her self-image is as a perennial outsider, the young actress who “so didn’t fit in, I couldn’t give myself away.” Not unusually for an actor, she mixes toughness — “I may be wrong, but I can’t help saying what I feel” — with brittle self-confidence: she has suffered “crippling stage fright” throughout her career — partly because acting in rep habituated her to catastrophic first nights, where “sets fell down [and] you forgot your lines”.

Hypnotherapy helped with the stage fright, but the sense of not fitting in, of not being wanted, has been harder to resolve.

It is great to read that hypnotherapy helped with the stage fright. And I am sure it could and should have been used to help advance and enhance her other personal issues.

What I find fascinating, is that someone so highly respected and obviously has received awards — indicators of how great you really are — and yet still doubts her own ability at times. Even those seemingly at the top of their careers, are affected by such mindsets… I think it is useful and incredibly encouraging for people to hear of this… And then know that there are many answers and ways forward out there.