Now then… While I am on the band wagon of having a pop at pseudo-scence and its proliferation in the fields realting o my work at the moment… I thought I would highlight something which may well bring a very large grin to your face… I do not want to influence your experience of this, but you may possibly find it hilarious.

During this past week, a few readers have expressed their disappointment of me not being very open-minded about things, so I am going to use Don Robertsons words to introduce this clip:

“If the whole point of this pseudo-scientific mush is that the techniques used stimulate the brain, improve intelligence and language and make you sharp, then the strangely vacant, slow-talking, and incoherent man whom Paxman interviews (who thinks processed foods contain no water and the body is composed of “electrical circuits”) isn’t exactly a walking advert for his own methods, to be quite blunt about it.”

Go have a look at this clip if you get time… Be open-minded and do not roll about laughing, or you’ll be in trouble.

Ok, I’ll quit the whining, childish behaviours and fun poking and get on another track tomorrow… Heck, I was teaching regression techniques at the weekend, and trying out modafinil, some people are really into the frequently asked questions here, so… maybe I have been regressing this week and acting like I was back at school. đŸ˜‰