“When I was looking for a Hypnotherapy Diploma course, I spent a lot of time researching different courses, and it was Adam’s course that stood out above all others for me.

The course content was what attracted me to Adam’s course, as it had a wonderful balance of NLP, hypnotherapy, not just theoretical teachings but a lot of practical elements too.

When I embarked on the Diploma Course I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about NLP and I had experienced a little hypnotherapy as a client. Adam listened and helped further explain whatever anyone on the course had difficulty in grasping. He puts so much time, his wonderful energy and expertise and has a wonderful unique approach making learning so much more fun.

Everything I learnt on the course from a theoretical point of view was backed up by Adam with practical work. My confidence grew and continually grows from the encouragement and group support also.

As Adam attracts individuals from all over, those studying his Diploma are a wonderful mix of people… I have made many long-term friends on this course as well as the confidence to go out in the wide world and make a difference to other people’s lives as hypnotherapy has done so far in my life and I hope continues to do so as I have a wonderful career ahead of me.
Thank you so much Adam for your encouragement and belief in me, to get me where I am today.”