As I am sure you know… Each month, I host a free teleseminar that you can call in to or listen to live online… Each month, the upcoming teleseminar is displayed on this page of this website… We have a wide array of subjects covered and I am delighted to introduce authors and stars from the all over the world from the varying fields of personal development. Subjects include hypnotic writing, law of attraction, self-hypnosis, stage hypnosis, persuasion, influence and much more besides.

Tonight is the turn of Jonathan Chase, renowned stage hypnotist.

Jon Chase, the Dreampilot, the UK’s leading stage hypnotist, bestselling author, and often referred to as the ‘Gordon Ramsey of hypnosis’, takes centre stage for this hypnotic night of fun.

In this teleseminar and webcast, Jon and Adam are going to discuss using hypnosis for fun… Stage hypnosis… And lots of other silly stuff…

Despite being good pals, Adam and Jon have been known to have their differences on the subjects of self-hypnosis, being able to make someone do something they don’t want to do with hypnosis, and some other hot topics… So you may expect some fireworks on this evening.

As usual, send your questions through, they’ll get asked… And anything stupid or silly will not be ignored!

A provocative evening of hypnosis awaits those who join in this teleseminar and webcast from two of the prominent figures of UK hypnosis.

The full-on participation page for the teleseminar is here.