Tomorrow is New Years eve… Uh-oh, that means that I’ll need to start making some resolutions soon… I think I’ll do that tomorrow, and set some desired outcomes in place with some action plans and so on… Check in tomorrow for that…

What about what I have achieved this year though, now is that time to audit and take stock and celebrate all you did in 2010.

2010 was the year that I did the following:

– Saw 278 individual clients in my hypnotherapy consulting rooms.

– Completed three Hypnotherapy Training Diploma courses, sending a load of newly qualified hypnotherapists out into the world to do good.

– Ran 6 self-hypnosis seminars in various locations of the UK.

– Opened up a fully interactive membership site at our website with 4 initial levels.

– Developed and launched an online business development programme for hypnotherapists.

– Wrote 287,349 words in 339 blog entries.

– Wrote 50 editions of my weekly ezine.

– Established the busiest website for any hypnotherapist in the UK according to official Alexa figures.

– Organised another 4 very well attended hypnotherapist peer support groups for the Hampshire and Dorset area of England.

– Ran London marathon, the Great South Run, and a couple of other races. had to train throughout the year for them all too.

– Grew enough cherries in my garden for three cherry pies.

– Grew enough pears in my garden for 20 litres of Perry pear cider which we brewed and will consume next year.

– Grew enough tomatoes to turn into 18 jars of sweet tomato chutney… And enough lettuces to keep us stocked throughout summer.

– Visited some amazing places around the world.

– Overcame some challenges in my personal life. (You’ll understand I cannot share everything)

– Fixed up my home.

– Maintained my marriage! In fact, I am more happily married now than ever.

I could go on, but worry about sounding conceited. as you go about your own list, know that you are not going to share it, you are just going to celebrate all that you can be prooud of, because there is so very much you did to delight in.

As the year went on, at times I lost track of the end result, but today I am celebrating that stuff. I strongly suggest you do the same. Anything you may have taken for granted, list it as an accomplishment and just admire the vastness of how much amazing stuff you have done this year.

Ideally, this will then ensure that you have a clear idea of what you plan to do next year to build, improve, enhance and enjoy 2011 – so that we make it another very special year.