“We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.” ―Laura Ingalls Wilder

How people respond and react to Christmas does vary. There are those that absolutely love the holiday season, wear the Christmas jumpers, festive jewellery, have their houses decorated like that of the Griswalds (in the Christmas vacation film, which is hilarious!) and who truly enjoy the shopping. Then there are those who loathe anything that resembles a festive holiday! But what is the point? Who does that negative attitude benefit? It isn’t usually that useful even if you have very valid reasons for not liking Christmas and it isn’t all that pleasant for others to be around!

The holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends but the reality is that some people don’t have anybody to spend the holidays with. Some people have families that are unhealthy and they would rather spend time with a pack of wolves than their toxic bloodline. Whatever your situation is, the holiday season does not need to be a drag. You can make the choice to either dwell on your own misgivings about it all or lift yourself up and enjoy the festive season! It is yours and only yours to choose which road you take.

Whether you are at home or at work, the holiday season is so much better when you are jolly! Put everything that is bringing your spirit down aside and take the time to truly enjoy the minute, the day, the season! I’m writing about getting into the Christmas spirit; follow these pointers to do so….

1. Wear an awesome Christmas Jumper:  

In the December module of my diploma course, many of us wear Christmas jumpers. Nothing says jolly like a bright Christmas sweater! Have fun with it! You can also decorate it to the level where it will be a conversation topic. Wear it to the office, the shops, anywhere you want to bring joy. It is the only time of year that you can do this and it is guaranteed to raise your holiday spirits!

2. Get out and play:

If you live in a place that naturally snows, get outside and play like when you were a child. Make a snowman, create a snow Angel, have a snowball fight… If you live in a place, where snowflakes make a rare appearance, go to the local man-made snow area and play (or drive to the natural snow). Ice skating is a fabulous activity to bring your spirits up and get into the holiday season! Nostalgic memories from our childhood also play a role in proving the “holiday spirit’s” validity. Read more on this topic here:
How and Why You Need to be More Playful and Childlike.

3. Sponsor a child or family

Many charities give you an opportunity to buy presents for homeless children at this time of year. Find other ways that you can help a family that is financially struggling and help the parents buy presents for their kids and food for their celebrations. There is absolutely nothing that brings spirits up the way helping others does. You have the opportunity to afford kids that otherwise would not receive anything for Christmas, the gift of waking up Christmas morning to presents waiting for them!

4. Speak to strangers 

Assume that you may be the only person that speaks to this person all day long. Ask them about their holiday plans and have something positive to offer to them. If they don’t have plans, give them some positive suggestions of how they may want to spend their time. Many people desire doing charity work but don’t know where to go or how to start. They will be grateful for your suggestions.

5. Laugh a lot

There is a plethora of absolutely hysterical things that randomly happen during the holiday season. Stop taking things so seriously and have fun. Go to the mall and watch the kids with Santa. Some are excited, some are terrified, and some are just so sweet to watch. Whatever you find funny, get to it. Laughing has an amazingly contagious effect on enjoyment. You can’t help but get into the spirit when you are allowing yourself to really enjoy! Read this article for more on this topic:
The Science of Laughter.

6. Think about great holiday memories 

In a 2015 experiment, Denmark researcher Brad Haddock found that the brain responds positively to holiday-themed images. So, nostalgic memories from your childhood can play a role in getting into the holiday spirit.

Think about the memories you have of the holidays. Do not focus on negative memories. Everybody has negative ones they could dwell on but this is just for the great ones. Even if you only have a few, focus on them and figure out a way you can share them with somebody. Laugh about your crazier relatives (we all have them), about the silly gifts you have received, the hilarious Christmas family pictures you were forced to partake in, and the holiday feast blunders that have occurred. These memories are what carries over year after year and become funnier as the years pass. Make sure that you are helping those around you have many great memories to laugh about when they grow older.

7. Have a party

Festive parties are awesome! Pick a theme and have a blast with the decorations and food. Throwing a party is a fabulous way to get into the holiday spirit. It can be any type of party you want. Sharing the holidays with your co-workers, neighbours, friends, and family all under one roof is classic and helps create plenty of hysterical moments!

8. Create a gift exchange 

Take your secret Santa to a new level. Get your friends/family or coworkers together and start a white elephant gift exchange. Make a spending limit and pick a date. You will find these exchanges to be so much fun and it really heightens the holiday spirit. The funniest is guessing who bought which gift. You always know who the cheapskate and inappropriate person is.

9. Get perspective

The holiday season can be about whatever you choose to let it be about. This isn’t the season of gaining an ulcer because you can’t afford to buy little Suzie a pony or 5 year old Timmy the new bike he wants. This is the season to celebrate the blessings that have been afforded to you and the blessings you can bring to others. It is awesome to be able to buy your loved ones gifts but to fully understand that the best gifts you can give anybody are those that cannot be wrapped. Your time, your love, your smile, and/or a place at your table. The things that money can’t buy are the greatest gifts of all!

10. Be grateful 

So much comes down to gratitude. When you are grateful for everything you have as well as everything that you don’t have, you will absolutely be able to get into the holiday spirit. It is when we focus on the unimportant or the negative that our spirits get drained, but a spirit of gratitude will always rise up and enjoy life to the fullest! Read more on that topic here:
The Science of Gratitude, it’s Benefits and Ways to Express it.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

We only get one time to enjoy the Christmas season each year; it is up to each of us to make the choice of how we spend it. Don’t let another day pass without enjoying it. Make sure that your choice brings happiness and great memories for those around you. You are fantastically amazing, get out and spread cheer to everybody!


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