Having spent some time out and around the countryside and the coastline a great deal recently, I am often led to feel that the time and tranquility I find enables me to access some higher part of myself… The peace of mind gets my creativity flowing and has led me to be moving in a great direction with a number of projects I have on.

Before here on the blog, I have shown a process of getting in touch with an ‘internal adviser’ of sorts using self-hypnosis, where you actually manifest an inner adviser that you communicate with and ask questions of and I even show a technique of that ilk in my self-hypnosis book. However, I have adapted that process slightly here today to show how anyone can access a higher intelligence or a higher self, so to speak, without needing so much dialogue and using it to access resources.

This kind of a process can be done in conjunction with all kinds of other things and you can use your imagination in a way that enables you to run through this process from a special place in your mind, you get artistic license to adapt and make this process appeal to you in the way you choose.

One of my favourite therapeutic interventions in my own hypnotherapy consulting rooms that I use with clients is that of imaginative and mental rehearsal of successful outcomes and so I have combined this idea of accessing a higher self with mental rehearsal and I know many hypnotherapists choose to use the idea of accessing a higher self with a wide range of other therapeutic interventions to advance their efficacy and effectiveness.

Please note, I would not want you to rely exclusively on any so called ‘higher self’ for advice or as the ultimate source of truth and resource and would not suggest that it is all-knowing – people who read my blog or listen to my podcast know that I am not for that idea at all. I just think it is often incredibly useful to feel like we are tapping right into some additional depth and resource that we have to enable ourselves to think of ourselves as more capable than we sometimes believe or realise.

5 Steps To Use Self-Hypnosis To Access Your Higher Self:

Step One: Hypnotise yourself. You can do so by any preferred means. You can use the free session on my website to practice or read my book or some of the articles on this website to learn how to do so. (Get in touch if you need a hand finding them)

Then imagine yourself in a special place, a favourite place, somewhere you have been to before or somewhere you create in your mind. Spend some time seeing the sights, colours and hearing the sounds, feeling the sensations of peace, tranquillity and safety here in this place. once you have really established that in your mind move on to step two.

Step Two: You can make a strong connection with the wisdom that you have built up throughout your lifetime of experience while you are here in this special place of your own creation.

Start to get a sense of what I hope we can agree to call your higher self throughout the remainder of this process. Take all the time necessary to tune in and feel a connection with this aspect of yourself .. . Your higher self with all its wisdom and sound judgement.

Understand that this higher self holds power to make good decisions and to evaluate situations well and intelligently. With that level of understanding and belief in place, just repeat those thoughts to yourself and get a sense of connecting to that higher aspect of yourself, then move on to the next step.

Step Three: Start to imagine that you can get closer and closer and go deeper and deeper inside yourself and imagine you are moving toward the discovery of this higher self. This will require some of your own interpretation, I don’t want to prescribe my own way of imagining this.

Imagine that soon you are going to discover that you can get closer your higher self, more connected with it, and it can become more vivid and real and its resources well within your reach, for you to access and use in your life.

Let yourself just count from one to five. Then with each number that you count, imagine that you are taking a step deeper inside your mind, taking a step closer to your higher self of wisdom, strength, and where you make good decisions and have all those resources that are not always used in the way you’d like perhaps.

As you count each number, as you imagine going deeper inside your own mind, just exhale smoothly and let your breath enhance your sensations and peace of mind as you do this.

Then with each breath start to imagine moving closer to your higher self. Tuning into your abilities and resources at this deeper level. A place where you find solutions, think with more clarity, use the full scope of your intelligence – imagine this place encompassing these things and so much more.

Step Four: Now you start to count those numbers and move in that direction. I am going to give an outline of each number, but again, I want to emphasise the importance of developing each step for yourself and making it your own experience.

One.” Take the first step closer. Start to focus more on your higher self.
Imagine a sense of inner peace and mental calmness spreading and developing within. Enjoy it and imagine you are smiling at the same time. Let your mind become clearer and your thoughts resonate with reasoning and intelligence as you continue to relax more and be more focused.

Two.” Now take a second step closer. Imagine yourself so deeply still and relaxed that your body almost feels as if it is asleep while your mind remains beautifully alert and lucid.
Imagine that this step has taken you closer and deeper towards your higher aspect of self. All the time continue to let your breathing relax you and soothe your thoughts and body. Then when you are ready to move closer and go deeper, move on to…

Three.” ¬†Take that third step. make sure you take as much time as you can with these steps as you imagine being drawn closer and gravitating nearer to your higher self.

Tell yourself that you wish to learn more about your higher self, and that you wish to discover and sense more aspects of it. Then start to imagine approaching the space closest to your higher self.

Start to imagine that your higher self is your ability to reason, to think with clarity and access your abilities, overcome issues and let go of what is no longer needed. When you are really getting a sense of that, a tangible sense, move on.
“Four.” Take the fourth step deeper and closer. Ok, so you are nearly there now.

Imagine that you are very close and almost within actual touching distance of that higher part of you. that is, imagine that you are almost connected with it, tuned into it, almost at one with it.

Continue to breathe smoothly and deeply, enhancing your relaxation. Imagine being focused, let yourself focus and have that advanced clarity of thought and once you are sure you have it, move on to…

“Five.” Finally, take the fifth step to get in touch with your higher self.

Start to imagine the sheer depth of experience on many levels that you have had throughout your lifetime, how much you have learned and imagine the mass of wisdom you have accumulated throughout those years of your life.

Now imagine being in touch with that depth of wisdom and thought and understanding.

All the time in touch with your calmness, clarity of thought, relaxed and now deeply focused.

There may be something that in the past caused you to be stressed or frustrated, imagine that same experience now from the perspective of your higher self and you can allow yourself to be informed by your feelings without actually thinking or acting with your feelings.

Stay focused on your desired outcome, stay focused on what you want and who you want to be. As you think about the desired outcome you have for yourself and your life, while connected with your higher self now, start to imagine that you access this higher level of thought and wisdom in more aspects of your life from now on – that it is more accessible in real-life at the times when it is most needed.

Tell yourself that you now start to you develop new ways of being and acting in those situations and that you notice as many of the possibilities as you can before you act.

Spend as much time on this now as you feel you need to gather up the resource you need. Spend some time mentally rehearsing how that situation is going to be when you access your higher self.

Step Five: Exit hypnosis and go about your day, remembering to take some action that is going to be proof that you benefited and changed as a result of what you did in this self-hypnosis session.

Enjoy this process, it is a lovely thing to do and we can all benefit from it greatly. (Especially if you are frustrated or affected by the goings on here in England currently!)